Thursday and Friday hanging out….

A down day to clean and do some house keeping. About 3:30 pm we went to visit with some friends, David and Diane. I’m so lucky she retrieved a package for me, plus it was her David’s birthday ๐ŸŽ‰ We had appetizers and beers๐Ÿบ it was a fun time!!

Inside brewery
David T., David D. and Diane

Today Friday the 14th we are just chillin in the morning. This afternoon we will be playing golf.

On the way to the golf course
Elephant Rock Golf Course
Beautiful mountains background for golf course
Tons of birds
Goose, goose, gosling!
Unique huge old tree

The golf course is really beautiful but due to the altitude it was challenging. I could only due 9 holes and my heart rate was around 120 bpm and I got soooo tired. OMG am I of shape !!Light bulb moment. Yet the day was wonderful and I enjoyed the bloody mary while golfing which you all know had nothing to do with the tiredness…..๐Ÿคฃ

Down day…Grand Canyon continues

Today, Tuesday the 11th is a down day and yes, laundry day. So while David did laundry I cleaned inside the rig. I even washed the floors today. As you noticed rving isn’t all fun sometimes you have to do cleaning!

Our cough is finally decreasing and we are getting better. Naps in the afternoon do help.

Used the crockpot to make supper, roast pork, red potatoes and corn. The smell in the RV was tempting all day! Yummy ๐Ÿ’‹

Just got this picture of my youngest grandson Sebastian playing baseball. I’m so proud! โค

Evelyn finally got her package and she loved it!

2 jiu-jitsu students

We got up had coffee, breakfast then I got the hats, walking poles, food and water all ready. Off we went to the Grand Canyon.

One of the butte we passed

We entered the Grand Canyon at the south entrance and drove all the way along the East rim!

Duck formation
New hiking boots ๐Ÿฅพ
Colorado River through Grand Canyon
Great trip with hubby โค
Elk crossed in front of us

Another beautiful day, the canyon leaves me speechless it is so beautiful. Today we explored the East side of the canyon. Tomorrow is a down day and meet up with some friends later in the day. โค

Grand Canyon railway

After a great day yesterday, we relaxing when suddenly the whole RV shook and we heard a crunch. As we ran out other campers were yelling at the driver of motor home that was backing up into us. Luckily he stopped immediately and went forward. It was his ladder that hit us. Thank goodness there was no damage!

Another wonderful day. We took the train to the Grand Canyon. It was a beautiful, relaxing and entertaining. They have musicians and a show too, all on board. I saved up so we could sit in the luxury seats and it was well worth it. They had a small breakfast with a blueberry muffin, yogurt and cheese sticks. I put the cheese sticks in the back pack for later. The pictures are from the train, on the way to the Grand Canyon.

Inside the dome car
Train repair area
Leaving Williams
Singing cowboy
The clouds were absolutely beautiful
A butte in the distance
The train going around a curve
We’ve arrived I’m so excited
I feel like I’m on my honeymoon
Rock, 1840 millions of year old
Layers of the Grand Canyon
So vast
It makes you feel so small

It was a short visit only 3 hours but we will be going back later this week. We want to explore more of the canyon and different rims. When we got back on board there was boxed snacks and champagne.

All aboard
Our dome car
Another luxury car
Afternoon Champagne toast
The rock and roll singing cowboy
Bandits! ๐Ÿ˜
Train robbery!
Being robbed
U.S.Marshall chasing the bank robbers

It was definitely a great day and experience. We do want to see more of the Grand Canyon so will come again this week.

Mother’s Day

Well both of us really felt crappy, stuffed up, itchy eyes and ears. So yesterday we went to a local clinic. Sure enough we had a dry coughing and nasally sounding. After we got checked out we were put on meds to help the coughing, antibiotics for the sinus infection and inhaler to help with bronchial spasms. All the med weren’t covered so again we dipped into our travel fund…grr $$

David was great, he didn’t feel good either and yet he made some homemade chicken noodle soup. Yummy ๐Ÿœ

We were suppose to go golfing but I don’t feel up to it but after 2 days in the rig I need some out time. We will probably go to Bearizona cause you ride through 1/2 of the exhibits.


Rocky mountain goat
Pronghorn deer
American burro
Black bear
White peacock
Male Elk
Female Elk
A little show
Artic wolf
Bear taking a bath
A small baby bison
Look for the bear necessities ๐Ÿ˜
Papa Bear
Just sitting around

Bearizona is a 2 part park, one side you drive through 3 miles of animals in their own habitat. The 2nd part is a walk through of other exotic animals.After Bearizona we went into town for a bite to eat. I chose to go to Pine Country Restaurant. It homemade comfort food. Very good! Its been a really great Mothers day! Both boys called, My husband gave me a beautiful card as well as spending the whole day with me. Oh, yes even Peanut gave me a Mothers day card. Ahhhhhh….. happiness โค

Grand Canyon or Bearizona? Neither oh well ๐Ÿ˜

With a new lock on the door I definitely slept much better. Up early I might be a little excited to go see the Grand Canyon.

I was ready to get going but David is having a little altitude side effects, fatigue and slight dizziness when he gets up to fast. I sent him back to bed. So I think today we will just stay home. Maybe this afternoon we will go to Safeway for some groceries.

Well it looks my allergies are kicking my butt today. Awww we both don’t feel 100%, so down day it is! About 5pm we went to check out the Elephant Rocks golf course and finished at Safeway for some groceries. Easy dinner tonight, turkey sandwiches.

Today the 7th we went and met some friends, Mary and Sam. We met them when we went to Italy, 3 years ago. So we had lunch in old Town Cottonwood. So I did take some pictures on the way. They are along rte. 17. Silly, there was 4 of us with cameras on our phones and not 1 picture was taken….lol.

The colors are really beautiful.

The next set of pictures is on the way through Sedona to Cathedral Rock. Then we went to The Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Ornaments in front of people’s homes or their businesses
In front of hotel
The people in the picture are really mannequins
There are sculptures at every rotary
On the way to Cathedral Rock
Cathedral Rock
So beautiful
Fairy tale home
Inside Chapel of the Holy Cross
Beautiful cactus flowers
Outside Chapel of the Holy Cross
Leaving spectacular Sedona
Another incredible statue


Well today the 5th is a down day as we wait for the locksmith to come and fix the door. About 4pm the locksmith came and put in a new lock, $$$ oh well. We now can lock our rig! So now some decompression time. We rode down rte. 66 visited a few places and end up having drinks. Ahhhhhh!

History of Williams and rte. 66
Rte 66
Along the way
Red car on roof
Williams, AZ
Fun, inside and outside dining
Cinco de mayo. Margaritas and a flight of microbrews
The Ultimate meatball
Love my chicken wings!!!

Found a diner with a pie shop in it! So it was chocolate cake and chocolate cream pie, to go. Yummy ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿฎ

Death by chocolate
Cookies and cream pie

Well today was a down day and much better then yesterday! We are now chillin watching the mask singer. Good night ahhhh sweet dreams ๐Ÿ’‹

And so adventuring begins…..๐Ÿš™

Today, May 4th and we are on our way to Williams AZ. The flowers are blooming on some of the desert cactus.

Thank goodness the 3 hour drive to Williams was uneventful except for a 8 mile span of route 40 highway was awful! Here are some pictures along the way.

Alien Museum
Beautiful scenery, shrubs and prairie
Gorgeous mountains

Well we finally got to the Williams KOA. Hmm? A little disappointing the site was a back in and that’s OK. What was surprising was the site was small. There is just enough room for the RV, trailer and car. This leaves very little space to sit outside or use the picnic table. The park is clean and neat, and they are getting ready to open the pool.

Small space, campground is full

So now, David was outside and tried the RV door, it wouldn’t open. I was inside the RV and heard a knock on the door. I went to open the door and it wouldn’t budge. David and I played with the door for about 10 minutes. I finally got the panel off the lock. I continued to play with it and finally all the gears lined up and the door opened.

Back of lock with backing off
Broken piece
Front of lock
Binge cord to hold door closed

So I called a couple of locksmiths to find one that could fix the lock. I was lucky that one was going to take care of it tomorrow. Phew…..

David decided to take a shower. I guess the shower had low pressure but hot anyway. Well while getting dressed his glasses slipped and fell on the floor. One of the lenses popped out. So of course he couldn’t see to fix them. He brought them back to the RV and handed me the 2 pieces. They were delicate and so I carefully put the lens back into the glasses. It has been quite a day….. good night ๐Ÿ’‹

Williams, AZ here we come!!!

Pretty quiet, the weather is sunny and hot. The temperature today Friday is going to be at least 100 degrees. Going to finish getting ready to leave.

Haircut and goatee trim, handsome โค
100 degrees keeping cool ๐Ÿฅ‚

David worked Saturday, again it was very hot. He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Would you like to go out for Mexican food for dinner? YES!! So we tried Javelina, we even dined outside.

Drinks, chips and salsa
Seafood enchiladas
Chicken, shrimp and steak fajitas
Side dish for fajitas, rice and beans

Today is Sunday and Greek Orthodox Easter. Christos Anasti โค

Only 3 days to go before we leave. So excited!!

Doing all our last minute “stuff” before we leave tomorrow. I am so excited that it is driving David crazy…lol

Coming down the home stretch…..

It was a beautiful day Saturday, my nephew’s wedding โค

Casey and Brenden Holt
Large wedding party!
Parents of the groom โค
My beautiful sister โค
Sister and brother in law of groom
My lovely sister ๐Ÿฅ‚
The groom’s dance with his Memere โค

Monday just a chill day. David did laundry. H & R called are taxes are done. Had a home happy hour.


Tuesday, got an invite to go to lunch with Annette ( my boss and friend) we went to Papa Leone for a couple of beers and a pizza. Yummy! It was a great afternoon ๐Ÿ˜

Wednesday did another storage bin under the RV. Only one side left, leaving day is getting closer, only 6 days left and then off to Williams, AZ. Grand canyon here we come.

The back of our friends RV, being personalized.

Owl added

Went an got our taxes then stopped for our last happy hour in Lake Havasu city.

It has been a good season and a few more small things to do before we leave. We are leaving on Tuesday May 4th. I’m getting excited to seeing the west. Grand Canyon, Sedona, Teton, Yellowstone, yes the tourist route…lol.

Only 1 week left ….

It is starting off as a quiet week. David did some Uber driving and I just puttered around the RV. Getting ready for the oil change on Wednesday. Monday we brought the paperwork to H and R Block to have our taxes done. After we decided to do some Door Dashing. We quit early and went to eat Chinese food, yummy!. I noticed when we got home I had lost my glasses. UGH !!

Tuesday got 2 new pairs of glasses and some more paint. I want to do a little more painting on the 2nd wall I started. We had salads from Chili’s and left over spaghetti for dinner.

I got a couple of pictures from Seth. Nolan pitching for 2 innings and catching the rest of the game.

Wednesday was busy, we were out the door at 7:30 am to have the RV oil change, a light fixed and new windshield wipers put on. While they were doing that went and got coffee from dunkin donut. Next egg mcmuffins from McDonald’s, we went to the dog park where there are picnic tables. After breakfast I was curious if there was a cemetery in Lake Havasu city. Yup we found it! Small and no headstones only flat markers. In the middle of checking it out the call came, the RV was ready except the guy at the parts store gave him the wrong blades. So off to the parts store again.

Once we got the RV back to the resort and got settled we went grocery shopping. Ugh….. well done for another month. Later David returned the 1st set of blades and I puttered around the RV. The rest of the day was quiet even to the point I got a nap in. ๐Ÿ˜€ It was a good day, busy but nice to spend the time together.

Today is one of our princesses Birthday โค๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ๐ŸŽ‚ Evelyn is 7 years old. Phew where does time go!?

Evelyn’s birthday โค

David has been working, Uber, on Friday and Saturday. I have very puttering around the RV. Getting ready to leave on May 4th, headed to the Grand canyon. Doing cleaning like the vents, cabinets, fridge and microwave. Today, Saturday I will start the outside cubby holes under the RV. They need cleaning and reorganizing. Getting ready to get going.