Getting ready to leave.. πŸ˜ͺ

Saying goodbye is always been so hard for me. I cry like a baby πŸ‘Ά! I will miss my family but I start a new adventure. It has been a great summer in spite of Covid 19. I’ve seen my Mom, my 2 sons, their wives and all 6 of my wonderful grandchildren. I have been fortunate to have seen all my siblings, my aunts and their families.

I will miss the smile on Evelyn’s face when she picks her carrots πŸ₯• 😒 She brings me joy!

Sweet little face
Lots of carrots πŸ₯•

Got some more work done on the wall. Hoping to maybe finish the wall before we leave.

Finished the cherry πŸ’ blossom tree
Poppies πŸ₯°
Half the wall is done

Evelyn wanted shrimp so her Mom bought her some and they were getting the tank ready.

Shrimp tank

Monday we went to do laundry and after my husband took me to Sawyers for breakfast! Yummmy!

Nibbled on western omelet
Homemade roast beef hash

Peanuts update everything is coming back normal. He is peeing and drink a little less. Next Tuesday he goes for an ultrasound. I sure hope we get some answers. Ahhhhhh

Birthday πŸŽ‚ fun!!

My birthday is coming up and I decided to start celebrating early! Tonight’s appleΒ  Macintosh martinis! Yummy πŸ˜‹

OMG! My favorite martini!🍎

I’m so lucky πŸ’“Β  today Thursday was the 1st day of school 🏫.Β  Dylan is a Junior and Evelyn is going into 1st grade…. ahhhhhh. They are all growing to fast.

Just cleaning the RV today for its raining and I can’t paint outside. The below pictures are what I did yesterday.

Butterfly πŸ¦‹ in the garden
A Cherry 🌸  Blossom tree

I’m so happy today that I did go out an took some pictures around the house.

The Great Pumpkin Patch
Sunflowers 🌻 big and small

Laura planted sunflowers along her white fence, they are beautiful and make you smile.

After Evelyn’s 1st day at school we went and picked up the pottery we made, her πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ fairy and my little moon box. She had a hard day and zzzz all the way to the pottery shop.

Evelyn’s painted fairy πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ
A little collect all box

Last night we celebrated my birthday with a lobster 🦞 shrimp, corn 🌽 and cocktails 🍸. I want to thank Laura and Adam for a great birthday dinner!

My actual birthday πŸŽ‚ I spent it with my Mom. We had a great and busy day. We went to the cemeteries to visitΒ  my memere’s and father’s graves. Then we went to Barnes and Nobles and I was soooooo lucky to get 3 new πŸ“š books and a game as birthday gift from my Mom ❀ Next we went to the 99 for a birthday drink 🍸 and a 🍲 soup. Yummmy!! We spent the rest of the day talking and playing cribbage. It was a great day ☺

My birthday drink 🍸 Mango mai tai
One of the funniest games
I love to read!!

I am so lucky my birthday πŸŽ‚ went on for 4 days, ending with 🍨 Sundaes! Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate my birthday, I am so grateful and blessed.

Beach date, saying goodbye πŸ‘‹

David surprised me with a day at the β›± beach. It was absolutely amazing and wonderful!

Flowers in front of the Condos

We walked up to the sand sculptures. Amazing work! I love my home state. It has so much to offer.

New Hampshire Marine Memorial
Governors choice
1st Place… congratulations!
Giant πŸ™ squid
Advertisers sand sculptures
Enchanted land
NH State Park

We continued along the boardwalk until we found a restaurant that is dog friendly.

Beach bucket and mango margarita

We decided to have a few appetizers with our 🍸 drinks. The coconut shrimp was delish and so was the coconut sauce! The mussels were incredible and the onion rings were sweet and flaky! Yummy lunch!!😁

Beautiful point
Cuddling on the way home.. zzzzzzz

Another great date day!! ❀

Best day and night ever!!

Sunday breakfast at Chez Vachon. Had 2 handsome men take me. Love eggs Benedict florentine.

My son Seth Cordon de bleu omelet
My grandson Nolan chili and eggs
My eggs Florentine

Went grocery shopping for dinner tonight and when I came out there was this awesome looking car!


Went home and put groceries away. Then Laura said she made our pedicure appointments.

Princess πŸ‘‘
Mother and daughter ❀
3 generations!!

After pedicures we had some more misadventures by going to lunch at T bones. Of course a cocktail 🍸

Chicken fingers yummy!
Chicken caesar salad
Lunch at T Bones! Yahoooooo!
Teaching Evelyn to do spit balls….. lol

We got home just in time to get appetizers ready then stuffed shrimp. We also had cheese πŸ§€ and crackers πŸ˜‹. For supper there was steak, chicken πŸ”, corn 🌽 on the cob and a tomato salad with tzatziki. My whole family was here!!!! Happy 😊 Happy 😊 Happy.

Pictures throughout the πŸŒ™ night.

Sebastian bringing Peanut into the β›Ί tent.
Michael and David chit chatting
My lovely daughter in law ❀
Around the dinner table πŸ˜‹
Love is in the air πŸ’–
Oriana and Seth
Campfire timeπŸ”₯
Gathering around the fire
My wonderful Family πŸ‘ͺ ❀

Best day and night ever!!!

Golf date today β›³

Today was our weekly date date. We had a wonderful day. In the am it was me cleaning the house and David did the laundry. Evelyn came over for breakfast. She ate 2 bowls πŸ₯£ of cereal with blueberries.

We left around 2pm for Amherst Poneham golf β›³ club. It took us a little longer due to a large funeral intown of the Fire Chief’s sudden death.

We finally arrived at the golf course around 40 minutes later and teed off around 3:15pm.

Golfing buddies ❀
Groundhogs along the course
Tamy and Bob
So much fun!!

After golfing we hit the 19th hole down the street at Chaingmai Thai restaurant. Yummy πŸ˜‹ we all had a drink 🍸 and shared a Thai sampler. It was really great to talk and caught up. Thank you Tammy and Bob for a wonderful time!!

Scenery on the back roads
Ah… great day….great date!

Thank you 😊

More fun!!

Yesterday was a fun day. I got to go to lunch with my son Adam. We went to a Mexican restaurant in Merrimack. Yummmy Margaritas and the food was delicious!

Mexican sampler plate!

Later that night Evelyn came over to my RV and watched The Wizard of Oz. She ate supper too and of course later a snack of square goldfish (cheese nips).

Today Wednesday it’s going to rain all day. So I thought Evelyn and I would go an paint pottery then we’ll go for lunch at the Friendly Toast.

Our greeter
Running around waiting for a table
View inside

Today Thursday the play day. Evelyn and I played yahtzee and of course she won!! She is quite the little competitor. We played with these small figurines that come in eggs and have barrettes, thus the new hairdos.

Oh that sweet face 😍
Only my hairdresser knows🀣
End of the day rain showers

Adam’s home

Thursday we arrived at Adam’s house 🏠. Evelyn and I went to Dunkin Donut and bought 4 to 5 donuts to decorate πŸ˜‹.


Today’s arts and craft was painting rocks.

My rock
Evelyn painting
Evelyn’s night rock with stars!

Evelyn is so much fun, she likes to do fun projects . Today she finished her rock painting. We played Yatzee then we went for a 1 mile walk. Evelyn hand fed Peanut. She played in the backyard 😳 while I mowed the lawn. Busy morning, now lunch crab Rangoon and chicken fingers.

Painting the bottom of the rock
Evelyn won!!!
Peanut kissing
Lunch, chicken fingers and crab Rangoon πŸ¦€
Lawn mowed

Its been so much fun! Keeping busy 😁

Mom’s visit

Sunday we left Sutton MA and a great week behind…. hope to make this a yearly trip!! Arrived at my Mother’s house around 2pm. The sky and clouds ☁️ were just gorgeous.

My mom and I decided to go looking for a new TV πŸ“Ί we went to Walmart and then we saw a good deal at Best Buy. So on our way to Manchester to pick up my mom’s new TV and we saw a rainbow 🌈. Just heart felt seeing the beauty ❀. Also we stopped for a coffee and lo and behold a flock of turkeys in front of us….

Gobble Gobble

On the way to Manchester it rained off and on. When it stopped raining there was an absolutely beautiful rainbow. 🌈

On the way to Manchester
Clouds on the way home
So puffy!

We had a great day! Picked up the TV, went home 🏑 and set up her new TV.

40 in tv πŸ“Ί 😍

Right before getting home we stopped at the liquor… afternoon happy hour. Yummy! 🍹🍸

Cranberry vodka for Cape codders πŸΈπŸ§‰

The next morning I took my Mother to see her great grandchildren. It makes her so happy 😊

Social distancing Keith and Ryker behind glass door.
Amanda and Easton

Later that day it was Tom Collins time! A good way to end our stay at Mom’s!

Cheers! Salute!!

❀ 36th Wedding Anniversary πŸ’’

We decided to make our Anniversary a whole day celebration 🍾 We headed off to The Lobster boat in Litchfield NH where we bought some appetizers to eat while playing golf. We had wonderful thin, crispy, lightly battered onion rings. The usual chicken tenders and mozzarella sticks πŸ˜‹ Then there was the coconut shrimp that was absolutely delicious and came with an orange 🍊 marmalade dipping sauce. Now, off to go golf at the Whippoorwill golf course β›³. I was so pleased that I golfed bogie golf!

Looks like lightening got this tree good!
Golf course scenery
Blue Heron

Part 2 of our date lead us to Portsmouth for dinner. We went to the Riverhouse Restaurant there we started with a couple of cocktails 🍸 1st we had the best seafood chowder I have ever had it has lobster,shrimp,clams and haddock. It is thick and creamy.

One of my favorite restaurants

Next David and I ordered our entrees. I had cajun jambalaya and David had stuffed sole, mashed potatoes and green beans. Both dinners were delicious πŸ˜‹

Happy Anniversary love πŸ’˜
Stuffed sole

I took a few pictures from our table overlooking the water.

The bridges to Maine….

We finished the evening off by going to Annabelle for awesome ice 🍨 🍦 I had NH maple walnut made with real maple syrup and a scoop of Yellow brick road, caramel ice cream with pecans and pralines. David had a peanut butter and peanut butter cups….. yummy πŸ˜‹.

It was a great day…. alot of wonderful memories πŸ’–

Sutton fun!

Fog on the lake
Campfire night!

Family dinner at the lake.

Sister in law Linda ❀
Brother in law Jim cooking steaks…..yummy πŸ˜‹
Sister in law Lynn πŸ’–

I don’t remember ever having s’mores, so my wonderful sister in law taught me how to make them…. so yummy πŸ˜‹.


Today the sky opened up and it started to rain!

Raining so hard it caused waves. 🌊
Reading πŸ“š in the rain 🌧

Texting back and forth we decided to go out for Chinese dinner.

Started dinnet with a scopion bowl! Absolutely delicious!!!

Tonight is the end of a wonderful week!! Thank you Lynn and Jim!!