Week 2 ho hummm

Things become repetitive after a couple of weeks. We don’t have kids since we are retired. So we play cards, yahtzee, scrabble or eat or nap. We do takes short walks, wave at a distance and stay to ourselves.

Steps steps steps
Flowers on the side of the road
? What is this?
So pretty dotting the desert!
Like spun sugar
So beautiful!

Pictures from back in NH, my family. I’m glad they are all safe. Although my sons are still at risk, Seth is a postal worker and Adam is a meat cutter. Both are with people daily. I love them both!!

My son Adam who cuts meat
My daughter in law Laura and granddaughter Evelyn distancing at the beach.
Walk along the river
My daughter in law Dana and my son Seth who delivers mail
My oldest granddaughter Oriana
The grandsons Esai, Sebastian and Nolan

It is these pictures that keep me balanced. I look at them, they make me smile and fill up my heart. I am looking forward to being home in New Hampshire soon. To all of you be safe!! πŸ™β€

And so it continues….

You are not alone!!!
Granddaughter mimicking an old woman
Sports day at home, my 2 grandchildren!
Passed by cupcake mountain
Tonight’s entertainment 1917
Small local stop, 1 employee
Doing a lot of this, watching tv or reading!

So our 1st week of self quarantine comes to an end, we have done okay. It has been a little harder for David who has been use to working every day. I’m doing ok and both of us are continuing to clean cabinets and drawers. Cleaning under the RV bins, getting ready for when we have the ok to head home. I will try to keep things interesting. Please keep safe!! Prayers for all of you πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™β€

Antics during self quarantine…

New haircut and goatee trim…. handsome hubby ❀

So since I’m in the RV 😷 and I did the housework which in a 30 foot RV only takes 30 to 45 minutes. I was looking for something to do! Ahhhhhh I’ll give Peanut a bath. He is so small I can do him in the sink. Well it didn’t go quite as expected. The floor got washed, the lower drawers got washed and besides Peanut getting a bath so did I! 🀨

Pouting!! Wet but clean and smelling good!

Things we do or don’t due while being self quarantined.

Do on line shopping!
Can’t get a haircut!!

When you live in an RV you can always clean out cabinets, rearrange and organize. Of course spread it out or it will only take about 7 to 10 days. Inside and outside…lol. Today we cleaned out our food pantry, it does seem better and more organize to what we use least or most.

Frequently use cooking items
Containers and staples
Medicine cabinet!
Made protein balls
What’s up??

I am grateful for a roof over my head, food on table and amazing husband who is with me! ❀ It is a little scary and we are done our job on April 15th but don’t know if we will be able to leave. Questionable about campground being open. So all our plans are now up in the air! When we leave, where we will stay and when will we get home….. I’m missing my family even though I know they are alright. Prayers for all of you!πŸ™

Is the world getting smaller?

I’m honoring all the nurses and any medical personnel. Thank you for working hard during such stressful and difficult times.

Missing my family, so I got some pictures from back home.

My oldest granddaughter cosplaying
The GQ Man
My son and granddaughter out for a ride
My youngest grandson
My son with his boys
Small Theokas Clan
Large Theokas clan

I am getting excited to see them. We still have 4 more weeks!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! πŸ€πŸ€

With the coronavirus 19 going around and everything being cancelled. We are staying home, restaurants are take out only.

Well this notice was on the clubhouse doors today! WOW!! Space continues to get smaller and smaller.

We are staying close to home. If we go out cause we are stir crazy it’s for a ride. I will say I am a little concern for my husband who is out doing postmates. But they have implemented a no contact service. So please say a little prayer he will be ok. We are still up in the air about our trip back home,Arizona to New Hampshire. It will depend what is going on in a month and what campgrounds are open or not. So everyone stay safe and prayers to all. We will get through this!!!

Social distancing…..

I thought we could use a little chuckle!

With the coming of social distancing and self quarantine, you can go a little loopy! So what we decided to do is go for a ride. We went to the Parker Dam and then some exploring the back roads. It was a great day and only spoke to 1 person the whole time! 😁

Back roads is right!
Beautiful landscape
Cactus in full bloom
Tiny little purple flowers along the road
Tons of these flowers bushes everywhere
Parker Dam
Crossing the dam
On the other side
It looks more like a monument
These are the chains use to open the dam
Electricity for the dam

Now instead of going back we decided to go adventuring. As it was so worth it the landscape was breathtaking. The road lead us to an RV way off the path on Lake Havasu. We were going to park and check it out when we were waved on. We where given a guest pass and a map. So we drove around. Fun!

5 hole golf course
Yes that is real grass
Huge palm trees
Rock formations piled one on top of each other
On the way back

A wonderful adventure! What are you doing to keep sane?


Opening day is coming!!!

I always get so excited when opening day comes around! My oldest son and I go to see the Boston Red Sox open no matter what date or where they are. This year they open up in Toronto but things are on hold due to this years Coronavirus. We shall see what happens next!

Last night we went out to eat and had such a great time. We went to Cha Bones in Lake Havasu City. Tanguay and tonics, steamed clams, cajun shrimp and tuna skewers. Delicious 🍸πŸ₯–

T + T and 7+7

Raining today and will continue through Friday so a good day for soup. I happen to have a ham bone so pea soup it is … yummmy!

Well I won’t be going to opening day. SMH MLB has cancelled spring training and opening day has been pushed back 2 weeks 😭. Q

I just read Disneyworld is even going to close for 2 weeks. I have to say I was concern that I wouldn’t be let back into the country since opening day is in Toronto, Canada.

I’m so luck, early this morning my husband bought me my beach cruiser.

Schwinn beach cruiser

The tires were a little soft they need air. David said no problem he had a compressor. Well he attached the compressor and he went to get a air gauge when walking back, POP!!!! He blew a tire tube. He felt so bad of course I laughed since he jumped and if he could have seen his face!

On th way home from having our taxes done we saw the biggest and fluffiest clouds!


It’s hard to believe we only have 1 more month here at Lake Havasu City and then it’s our trek home!

Fire fighters fund raiser πŸ‘¨β€πŸš’

3/9 Today David and I worked at the resort, helping with a fundraiser.

Selling 50/50 and raffle tickets
Cooking hamburgers
Serving food
Serving hamburgers
Food glorious food!

The event was successful raising $2600 for the firefighters!! Amazing πŸ‘¨β€πŸš’πŸ”₯πŸš’

Cactus painting

My sweet granddaughter all done in. She fell asleep at the table.

Tired granddaughter

I finally sent off my youngest granddaughter’s unicorn hat! She likes it alot she said. ❀

Unicorn hat

I’m going to do some painting on the garage wall next year at the resort. So I took a cactus painting class to start out. I think I will look for more painting lessons when I get back to new Hampshire.

Here I come!
My painting
The group with all the paintings
Some other paintings you can do

It was really fun and maybe I’ll do a beach scene!! Lol

Just blogging…

I’d like to start off by wishing 2 of my grandkids a Happy Birthday!!! Easi is handsome, sweet, funny and very inquisitive then there is Oriana who is beautiful, independent, smart and very talented in making her cosplay costumes!

Happy 12th Birthday Easi πŸŽ‚
Happy 22nd Birthday Oriana
Found a kindness rock today ❀

On the way to Goodyear AZ.

Fun!! Love the slot machines!!
Bales of hay, make a wish!
Cattle ranches
Flowers in median strip

Today 2/27 we had the day off so we decided to travel 3 hours from Lake Havasu to Goodyear AZ. to a baseball game. The LA Dodgers vs Cleveland Indians. You see on the Indians team Terry Franconia team manager use to manage the Red Sox. On the LA Dodgers side there is David Roberts who is the Manager and he use to play for the Red Sox as a utility player. LA Dodgers also just acquired 2 players from the Red Sox a pitcher David Price and Mookie Betts. We did get to see all of them except Mookie he played yesterday and had today off. Oh well….

Unusual baseball statue in front of the Goodyear stadium
Hubby and a military statue
Front entrance
Me ready to go in!
David is ready too!
Need a ticket?

Walking and looking around!

Food glorious ballpark food
More vendors
Free shots on the concourse
Beautiful little stadium
View from our seats
Indians mascot
David Roberts LA Dodgers manager
David Price
A great fun day ❀

Everyday living….

Today we are celebrating a new smoker….lol. A number of us are getting together for dinner. So we are having smoked ribs and everyone is bring a dish. I was going to make macroni salad but someone else is making macroni and cheese. I thought too much pasta so I put a couple appetizers together. Spanakopita and a cheese dip.

All folded and ready too be buttered
Baked! Yummmy!
Table after eating..
Annette the boss !
Terry and Ruth
Holly and Roy ( one of the cooks)
Bill, Dale and Hedda
Kevin (one of the cooks)
Linda and David

It’s our day off, the bills are paid! So time for a little fun!! First we decided that after 4 months of living in Lake Havasu City we really needed to go an investigate the London bridge. We also walked around to the little shops. A long the way we stopped for a drink. Yummmy!!

The entrance to the little courtyard
Beautiful fountain with water coming out of the lion’s mouth
Me in a British phone booth
One of the restaurants
In front of another restaurant
Hmmm what to eat and drink ?
London bridge
Drinks at the Kokomo bar
Enjoying outdoor beverage with hubby

After drinks we decided we wanted something to eat so we went to the El Paraiso Mexican restaurant.

Mexican beverages
Chimichangas and coconut shrimp
Our view for lunch

One more stop, I wanted to go to Main st. and go to the local art shop. I wanted to find a small piece by a local artist.

Painted mural downtown
Road runner print

Well time to head home. It’s been a wonderful day!! Thank you David for sharing a great day with me. ❀