What are you doing?

Flock of ibis
Full moon … beautiful!
Renovating the bathroom
Needs a little clean-up
Coming along
King cake!! Who has the baby?

Valentine’s Day was a great day! We did some errands in the morning. Next was lunch at a Cuban restaurant, then a new sewing machine!!!!

Sangria to start
Chicken Empandas
Cuban nachos with plantains
I’m so excited to get quilting again ❀️

One of the errands was that I needed to have a heart monitor put on for a month. The Tuesday before, I ended up in the hospital with a heart rate of 122 and in a trigeminy. I would have 2 regular beats and then a pre ventricle beat. They feel it was probably my thyroid medicine is off, and I’m getting too much. Well, I’ll keep you all updated πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ‘

Little wireless monitor
Wireless transmitter

Have a great day!! Date days ended at Applebee’s with a sampler and margaritas.


Looking around??

Today, we went and checked out the Villages ! I absolutely loved it! There is soooo much to do! Wednesday 11th

Downtown Villages
No meters!!!
Stopped for oranges on the way home and was greeted by these cranes.

Tried to make on the stove homemade pizza. Came out really well if I do say so… lol.

Homemade Margherita pizza…. yummy!!

David only worked half a day, so we decided to go for a drink and tried a new happy hour at Graffiti Junction in Clermont fl. Monday

Our usual 7&7 and Tanguay and tonic..
Zucchini fries!

Mini staycation, and it has been so much fun and absolutely wonderful β€οΈπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ Wednesday 18th.

View from our table at JD Boondocks… in Howey in the hills, Florida
Fish pate.. delicious!
On Thursday(date day), greeted by a crane at the golf course.
Monarch golf club
Scenery along the golf course
Beautiful cranes

Late lunch? Early supper? We tried out a new place to eat… The Crooked Spoon.

Bleu cheese chips, really good.
Good pub food and many different burgers!
Made a wreath to auction off at the rv resort, at the “horse races”

We have a new great niece due the end of January. The yarn was given to me by mother in law. I took the yarn and made a baby blanket and a baby cocoon for the new arrival. Exciting ❀️

Yesterday we took a free tour of the local winery… Lakeside Winery. Fun and there was a tasting at the end of the tour.

So the staycation comes to an end ….. 😭

Christmas begins πŸŽ„

Saturday, my Mom went to my brother’s house for Christmas lunch with Bev, Katie, and her friend Brian. David and I joined them later.

Opening Christmas gifts
Merry Christmas
Even Baxter got in the wrapping

Sunday, Christmas day, my Mom, David and I went to Seth’s house for Christmas brunch. It was totally awesome ❀️ both food and company were great!

Not bad for 90 years old ❀️
Hollywood πŸ’‹

Monday, we had lunch with the large Theokas clan at the lobster boat. It was wonderful fun!!

Grandson SebastiΓ‘n
Nolan and Esai
My beautiful daughter in law, Dana and my son Seth.
My Mom
Bacon wrapped scallops, and they went fast
Yummy coconut shrimp
Delicious steamers
Heading back to Florida
My travel buddy ❀️

It definitely was the best Christmas in years, being with my whole family. β€οΈπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

Nights before Christmas πŸŽ„

Getting some fresh oranges from the Showcase of Citrus. It is also a little animal farm.

Massive jungle truck to tour orange Grove
Gobble Gobble
Donkey s
Pre Christmas lunch
Chicken pho
Seafood and noodles
Ready for Christmas
Heading north
Arrived and SURPRISE!!
Happy Birthday Laura πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
Christmas decorations

Thursday we arrived and went to Adam’s house to celebrate Laura’s birthday. Friday we spent most of the day with my Mother. We had an early dinner with Jim and Lynn. I was so excited to see them, duh no pictures. We had a great time!!β€οΈπŸŽ„

Christmas is coming! πŸŽ„πŸΉ

I’m getting really excited to head home for Christmas. To see everyone will be awesome. πŸŽ„β€οΈπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸΉ We have been doing things to pass the time until we leave. Date day at Pepe Cantina, cocktails and appetizers….yummy! Then we rode around the town and investigated the little shops. Of course, we found an ice cream store.. ahhhh, delicious.

Best margaritas!!🍹
Hot shrimp dip
As always, chicken wings

Getting ready for Christmas, haircut, manicure, and pedicure.

Wednesday was craft day, and we made Christmas shadow boxes. Later that afternoon, I had a manicure and pedicure. It was a wonderful fun day! They even serve Sangria! πŸΉπŸŽ„

My shadow box
Fun Christmas nails
Early Christmas gift….yeah!!

Today is wrap up day then HO, HO, HO πŸŽ„

An so December begins πŸŽ„

December 2nd has special meaning to me. I lost a son on that day, so it can be difficult for me sometimes. My thoughtful husband took the day off from work. We spent the morning at home relaxing. Early afternoon, he took me out for lunch.

Pepe’s Cantina
Starting with margaritas
Sampler plate
Of course, mango habanero chicken wings!!

After we had the luxury of a nap….zzz Early evening, we did the last of the Christmas decorations.

Festive lights
Snowflakes on the side of the RV
Tiny Christmas tree in RV window
Up to date on all our vaccines 😍

It was “Flamingle”, everyone brings a snack, drink and mingles. You can also play games! It’s a great way to meet the residents of Rolling Ridge.

Our 1st social was fun 🍹

Thanksgiving week… πŸ¦ƒ

? Harry Potter? On the way to Ruth Chris restaurant πŸ¦ƒ

We arrived early at Ruth Chris restaurant so we could have a drink and appetizers before Thanksgiving dinner.

Our usual… 7 and 7, Tanguay and tonic
Crab stuffed mushrooms
Spinach, artichoke, and feta dip with buttery garlic toast.
Turkey, stuffing, and Cranberry sauce
Garlic mashed potatoes and green beans for sides

We were so full that we took desserts home ….☺️ Pumpkin cheesecake and vanilla ice cream. We went the long way home along International Dr.

A fun Thanksgiving day!

Getting settled….

Sunday, I rested from all the walking we did the day before. Monday, I worked on my grocery list that will be delivered on Wednesday. Tuesday We finally got to the post office to change our address. I also got my flu shot today. Later I’ll go to play cards at the club house.

Finished, the peel and stick tiles

David cleaned and organized the shed. He found this decorative hanging piece. He moved it to the outside to make the shed look good.

Patio all setup
No more laundromat!!! Yeah!!!
Salamander or newt?? They are everywhere!

I tried out our 1st sit-down dinner on date night at Goombas. We thought everything was great. Check my Google review.

Beer on tap goes with wings and pizza
House dipping sauce to die for!!
Rolls with light garlic and parmesan
Awesome pizza with awesome crust

So much to around here. It’s hard to choose what to do first….😊

We’re here in Florida

The first day was interesting for Peanut’s left eye, wouldn’t open. So we were looking for a vet to see him. They have urgent care for animals here, too. So we didn’t have to go to an emergency vet. Phew! He had an ulceration on his cornea. Antibiotics and a gel were ordered as well as the cone of shame.

Poor Peanut

We spent the next few days just getting settled. Cleaning and arranging things to our liking. Well, 2 days later, a threatening hurricane was coming. Rain was moderate, but the wind was frightening to me. We brought our living room slide in, and I prayed to just be OK in the morning. We had trouble pulling in our big side awning, so we had to call a repair person. Come to find out the motor died! Grrrr. So now the decision is to fix or replace the awning. Hmmm.

We did alright even though I didn’t sleep well. It rained the next 2 days, getting lighter each day. David was getting a little cabin fever, so he put out the patio furniture! It looks great!

Thursday, we had to have Peanut rechecked, and the ulceration is getting better, although his eye sight seems worse. They recommend seeing a specialist????

Finally, by Saturday, we both needed a little fun time. There was an RV show in Daytona, but I didn’t think I would be able to last a few hours or go up and downstairs, especially since my surgery. So, we decided to stay closer and go to Disney Springs. That way, we could leave when we wanted to and be home quicker.

It was so much fun and, of course, beautifully decorated. I was excited to go!!

A restaurant burgers and drinks
1st time at an M & M store!

One of the most beautiful sights was all the Christmas trees πŸŽ„ Each tree was decorated after a Disney movie.

The princess and the frog
Star wars

We took a little break and had a drink at Wolfgang Pucks restaurant. We also had a delicious sausage pizza…yummy.

Our usual! 😊

We continued walking around for a while, had an ice cream, went home, and took a nap!

So pretty ❀️

A GREAT a day!

On the way to Florida….

November 1st and all cleared to head to Florida. We went to get gas, and it didn’t go well.

There is something about bridges I like..
Just traveling
Richmond, Virginia
Fish fajitas!
Evelyn’s kitten’s name….lol
Cotton fields so beautiful
Wild flowers in the median strip
Famous shopping plaza
Getting closer
Made it to Florida!!!😊
How we were greeted 🌈
So beautiful ❀️

Finally, at Rolling Ridge Rv Park Clermont, Florida, Got settled in an relaxed rest of the day 😊