Today we went to a one hour presentation called Holding Tanks 202. When we got there they gave us a raffle ticket. Before they even began talking, they told us to help ourselves to the food. They had hot dogs, chips, soda and cake for dessert. Next was the presentation. At the very end they drew a number and someone won a bottle of probiotics for the black and grey tanks. Now for the second draw they were giving a free tank cleaning. Well this lady behind me won and said thank you but we would prefer to give it to someone else. So another ticket was drawn and ta da it was my number!!! So right after we went over to the RV, they followed and cleaned our black and grey tanks. FYI a cleaning can cost from $175 to $315!!

Today the resort was having a chili cook off. We went and tried 10 different chilis. Silly me got to talking and forgot to take pictures…duh! We left to go to work before they announced the winners.

Someone posted these pictures of the chili cook off so I borrowed them…. 😁

All of the contestants who competed
3rd place
2nd place
1st place

Congratulations to all of you!! Great job and alot of fun 🥘

Blah, blah, blah….

We were doing some doordashing the other night and was fortunate to see the big moon on the way home. Did you see it in the sky too?

After working 2 jobs for weeks,we had a day off today. Guess what we did? NOTHING!!! We stayed home chillin watching TV and just relaxing. We even took a nap such decadence.

I like to write but unfortunately I’ve never had any formal writing courses which make me curious to take an on line class. I love learning an reading. So who knows a 2nd career?? Starting something new is a little bit scary but starting is putting one foot in front of the other!!!

Yippee another day off!!! We went grocery shopping. Now that’s always a challenge. You want enough to go through a week but my refrigerator is a small one. So you might have bags of food or containers sideways. Lol but somehow you get it all in. Don’t forget you have a good supply when you buy staples.

I have been craving egg rolls. Believe it or not they are hard to find here in Lake Havasu City. So I decided to make some well…. 😛 That didn’t go to great so I made some spring rolls. I had better luck with them.

This what makes Lake Havasu City beautiful!

I finally got to see the last Star Wars movie. I liked it and it was amazing how they were able to make Carrie Fisher part of the movie.

Well later today we will be going to a holding tank class. Update later!!

Reality of Rving sometimes!

Sometimes rving is just sitting around relaxing or watching TV. Sometimes it is socializing with other campers. Playing scrabble or cards.

In reality sometimes you need to watch the budget to be able to sustain the full time rving life style.

We mainly live on our social security. Using the money to pay bills which include insurances, credit cards, essentials and food. We are lucky in the sense that if we find we are a little short we can do postmates, doordash or uber. This gives us more wiggle room and even gives us play money. Yes, we do enjoy adult beverages!

Funny, when we first started we were so green. However we really weren’t scared, we were just excited!

It has been 19 months that we have been rving fulltime and we love it! We have a 2018 Winnebago Intent 30 feet Class A and find it is perfect for us. We left a 1700 sq.ft. home with a pool and went to a 300 sq ft. motorhome. My housekeeping only takes 30 minutes now!! Yippee!

We did research rving for a year, going to alot of RV shows. You can read a lot of blogs about rving but until you take the Leap of Faith and figure it out for yourself, you just don’t know.

There was a balloon festival in town this weekend. They weren’t able to go up on Friday, Saturday or Sunday morning due to 25 mph winds. So we didn’t get up for the non launching. We happen to be in town Sunday afternoon and behold!!! Balloons!!!

One of 3 in the sky
A racer balloon
Magical beauty

As you can see there is unexpected adventures when you least expect it…😁

Down week!

Phew!! Sorry no post this week but 1st, I was a little under the weather then poor David caught the stomach bug. So we have been resting and laying low. Eating alot of hot wonderful chicken and rice soup! I have to admit that I put in a little too much rice and David fixed the soup by adding more chicken broth.

Haircut and goatee trim…. hmmm handsome ❤

My Mom makes the best chicken salad. She has a tiny grinder, I have been looking for one for years. They are hard to find! By accident I found one while shopping at Walmart. I now can make chicken salad like her!!! Of course I had to find out her recipe!

My little grinder and chicken salad!
Lake Havasu City Sunset

While I was waiting in the car while he was making a food delivery, I noticed this beautiful cactus.

Moon coming through the clouds
Tonight’s sunset

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1st day of 2020…

The new day started with fresh coffee and the Rose Parade. One of my favorite parades!!

Yes! Yes! Yes!
Queen of the Rose parade
For Diehard fans!
For Marie and Kevin!
Award winning
One of the floats..

After the parade we are going to breakfast at the clubhouse. They are serving eggs Benedict or eggs and steak, homefries and toast. Bloody Marys or Mimosas too!!

David was out and about ubering when he came across this hot air balloon.

I stayed home and tidied up. In the afternoon I tried out my new French Press….yummmy French vanilla coffee!

Relatively quiet day, spruced up the RV. Made chicken parmesan for dinner. Discussion on what direction we are going when we head home and what we are going to visit along the way. Finally we went to bed early…yeah!

2020 WOW!! Happy New Year Eve !!

Well 2019 is going out with a bang. I’ve been a little under the weather with a stomach bug….grrrr. I want to be ok for New Year’s eve. I mean it is the 1st time going out in years no eons!! So I’m just going lay low for a few days.

I’m feeling a little better but not a 100%. Yet we got up early to bring the RV to a Winnebago repair garage. The final yes last thing on the punch list was done today. We ran a few errands, went to post office and finally got the grandkids cards off to them. Then we went to pick up dog food and a coat for Peanut. The garage called and off we went to get the RV, surprisingly it only took 2 hours. Somewhere in between we went to breakfast my favorite meal!


In the afternoon I tried to finish the chicken soup that David had started but it didn’t go well. I guess I put in a little too much rice and it became quite thick….lol oh well 😂

I also started a lap cover for my Daughter in law. I’m making a few for her to give to residents of a nursing home where her Grandmother is now living. Keeps me busy.

Last night New Year Eve we went to the resort’s club house. You had a choice of shrimp scampi or filet mignon with asparagus and Bearnaise sauce. David and I order 1 of each and split them. They both yummmy!!! After dinner there was dancing by the Mad Iguanas. They did a lot of oldies…lol.

Doing Apple pie moonshine shots!!
Table decorations
Door prizes
Hmmm salad bar
Last minute details
Beautiful New Year tree
Georgia she’s always smiling!!
Mischievous kitchen help
Selling raffle tickets
Dancing the night away
New Friends Ken and Vicky
Having fun!!! 🍸

After New Year party Kevin and Marie invited us to see some fireworks. A perfect ringing in the New Year!!! 🎆

Christmas across the country…

My oldest granddaughter…💕
Little Theokas Clan 🎄
Cooking Christmas Brunch
Family brunch!
My youngest granddaughter ❤

Thank goodness for todays immediate pictures. When your way across the country it warms your heart to see them. I love my family 💕

Boxing Day! 🎁

Third round of celebrating! Boxing day! We all got together tonight. I had to bring 2 sandwiches and a fun gift preferably something you wanted to get rid of or regift.

Singing the Canadian Anthem
Enjoying a beverage
Gift picking and exchanging has begun
The biggest gift
Couldn’t stop laughing…😂

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Christmas Day 🎄🎁

HoHoHo Merry Christmas

Christmas brunch at the club house.

Merry Christmas

So much food!!

Prime Rib and Ham!! Yummmy!!
Marie and Kevin
Chuck and Mary
Roy and Holly
Randy and Tracy

After brunch it was chill out time. We watched White Christmas and relaxed. Oh I played with Peanut and his new Christmas present.

Merry Christmas Eve 🌵

Christmas Eve was fun!! Everyone made a dessert which we all shared then we sang Christmas Carols. It’s been years since I sang Carols. It was great!! 🎶

Pre party Bloody Mary
More goodies!!
Fun begins…
Annette manages the resort.
Piano accompaniment
Lee does all the entertainment planning for the resort
Christmas Eve and a Santa sighting 💝