Projects…. what next?

Sundays project

I made this for my Mom’s father’s grave site since real flowers can’t be watered due to water spigots are shut off.

Mondays project I started to paint Adam’s concrete wall on the back of his house 🏠

Finished 1 section of wall

Friday was date day!!! We started out to Portland Maine when I texted my sister who lives in Maine. She said come on up! So I texted her back, plan change….

Entering Maine
Coming into Lewiston

Once we were in Lewiston we made a beeline to Sam’s. It is here we picked up lunch, Italians … yummy πŸ˜‹

The men chatting
Sister selfie!
Family but even better Friends!! ❀
Even Peanut went visiting πŸ•

We left about 6pm and headed home making a stop in Portland first. Its here in Portland that we had dinner at The Porthole Restaurant. It was great food and of course wonderful company. We were even able to bring Peanut.

Arriving in Portland
From the Porthole deck
Looking around the deck
7 & 7 with cheesy nachos
Beet Salad…. yummy πŸ˜‹
Friut de Mer with fettuccine and alfredo sauce!

The end of a great date! My hubby spoils me… love you David❀

Look at this… πŸ‘€

Busy day today the granddaughter and I went to home depot and picked out paint for the back wall on the house. Then we went to Michaels for some odd and ends. Evelyn was so happy when I bought her unicorn slime. Very colorful!! Off we went for lunch at McDonalds so she could have some chicken mcnuggets and a drink. Finally we went grocery shopping for supper, Hawaiian pineapple and shrimp bowls!Β  Delicious!!

Foundation painted today

Playing with Daddy!
Laura’s Dad joined us for dinner.
Fresh pineapple! yummmy!
Preparing the bowls
Perfect 🍍

Saturday was date day. We decided to go to a new restaurant in Manchester NH. We spent about 20 minutes going through restaurants in Manchester. I saw shrimp and grits on the menu and that was the place. Firefly American Bistro and Bar. It was awesome!!!

Drinks to start
Shrimp, adrouille and cheese grits reminded me of New Orleans πŸ˜‹
Go go bread with gongazola cheese dip
Outside dining
Yummy πŸ˜‹ Bourbon Street Fettuccine

Family is everything!

I was playing with my granddaughter and time was getting later. Finally about 6:45 pm everyone came home and Laura made me an apple martini. Then there was a debate to cook or go out. Viola! Shaking crab it was for a family dinner. Yummmy πŸ¦€πŸ¦

Chicken tenders, tater tots, macaroni and cheese
Adult beverage time!
Who is that masked man?
Fish bowl drink for 2

Today Evelyn and I made friendship bracelets and yarn dolls. A fun day!!

Yarn friendship bracelets
My purple bracelet
Female doll
Male doll
Dolls dancing
How Peanut uses his new bed…. Hah!!!
Today’s arts and craft
Oldest granddaughter and anime
Happy 8th Anniversary!!

Date day ❀

Finally the season has started! ⚾️ Last night are at Ollies it was delicious! Definitely would go there again! Today is routine in the morning. Clean RV and David did grocery shopping. This afternoon we are going to do ” nine and dine” at Stonebridge in Goffstown. Date afternoon!!!

Played 9 holes

After we went to the club house and had a few drinks and dinner. Started with fried pickles and onion rings. For the main course a cheeseburger.

Sculpture outside front door
Outside garden
The good looking hubby ❀
The sky on the way home


Another day with my granddaughter painting rocks for gifts!! Then we played LIFE junior believe it or not I won! She is a good sport and shakes hands. We ate some leftovers for lunch then we chilled out cause the temperature is 93 degrees outside. HOT!!!


Some of us had Monday off. I got up early and went to Bagel alley to pick up bagels to drop off at the hospital. A little thank you for the great care I received. After I went to visit my Mom and sister Diane from Maine. My son and his daughter went hiking.

5.6 miles round trip
Inquisitive granddaughter
Smiles! A good day!
Sunset over the Merrimack river
Sunset heading to Goffstown, NH

Tuesday we chilled out and went to lunch at the La Carreta. A few margaritas and some nachos. Yummmy!! Then seafood fajitas to finish lunch.

Today was arts and craft with my granddaughter. We made puppets from old socks. She was delighted and did alot of giggling. It is amazing what an old sock turns into with yarn, buttons, makeup and hot glue.

Opening day in baseball finally. Went to Ollie’s for dinner and the game!

Baltimore Orioles
Red Sox
Baked scallops
Game beverage 😁

Visiting small clan

We moved to our youngest son Adam’s house for several weeks. We had a rough 1st day, they put there dog Bella down due to cancer. Now Friday was better, Evelyn and I played chutes and ladders, she won 2 out of 3 games. Next we started painting rocks so she can give them as presents.

Painting rocks
Evelyn and Peanut out for walk
Mailbox we saw on our walk!

David was so sweet and took me and Evelyn out to eat at the Shaking Crab. Yummmy!!! Fun night!!

Playing before dinner
Chicken tenders, tater tots, macroni and cheese..
Cajun clams, muscles, sausage and baby potatoes
Cajun crab, sausage,shrimp and corn on the cob….yummmy!!

Funny but fulltime rving isn’t always nomadic or glamorous. Things happen along the way. David says rving plans are written in jello!!

After thought……

It has been quite a 2 weeks 1st Peanut has been having issues with excessive thirst and peeing. That was a $300 trip then there is me getting admitted to hospital. Well fast forward I am on the mend but Peanut continues to be incontinent. So back to the emergency vets we go, I called over 20 vets and no one is taking on new patients or they are booked out till August. Phew…..


Well he is 13 years old and has incontinence. So we are finishing the antibiotics and have added medicine for bladder toning. Hope for Peanuts sake it works….

Today I went to the md and got a clean bill of health. Blood work and chest x ray in 6 weeks. Then a physical before we leave for Arizona.

I was looking out the backyard and saw the bunny!!

A bunny in my Mom’s backyard
The clouds today… different

Tomorrow on Wednesday we are heading out to my youngest son’s house.

On the way to Adam’s house I picked up our new RV sign. I just love it!!!

It has been relatively quiet week with me getting some needed rest. I’m just thankful that we were in our home area when all things broke loose and not on the road in East Pucky. 😁

Life goes on..

I looked out the window and behold a chip monk eating my plants grrrr.

Face hiding behind the leaf.
Yellow finch

Friday night I started to feel wiped out with a headache. I slept all day Saturday and the finally when my temperature went to 102 David brought me to the emergency room. I had an elevated White blood count and a Urinary tract infection. They also feel I have a mild case of pneumonia. So they are going to keep me for a couple of days.

Inside my hospital room
View out my window

I ended staying for 4 days. The nurses and nursing aides were so wonderful!I would like to say athank you to all the staff of 4W at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center in Nashua New Hampshire.

I want you to know that is really frightening to be sick and have to walk into an empty emergency room, you feel so alone. Thank goodness for a very sensitive RN who calmly talked to me and explained everything. She was knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. I felt more at ease by the time I had to be transferred to the 4W floor.

I can’t say enough good things about the floor staff. They too were knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. They met all my needs sometimes even before I asked.

Ahhh starting to feel better
Swelling in my face occurred since I’ve been home
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Having fun!

Date day or night is always wonderful with my best friend, hubby David! Tonight we went to Margaritas Mexican restaurant.

Drinks, chips and salsa…. yummmy!
Queso and chips
Delicious baby chimichangas
Large fish and shrimp chimichanga!
Beating the odds

As we left the restaurant these flowers were growing among all the rocks. Pictures are from front of restaurant.

Frog musicians
People musicians
Outside restaurant

What’s in store now???

We got a call last night to sit for the grandkids in the morning. So off we started. Our daughter in law has been hard working on her gardening.

Front yard

The 1st day of summer just passed. I have been kept quite busy by helping my 87 years young Mother. Doing yard work and helping her getting rid alot of collected items that no longer function. Phew!!! I have been able to visit in between cleaning, hubby and I have date days!!! On date days we go exploring the state of NH. Funny I’ve lived most of my life in NH and are still discovering new things about it!

Last night we took my Mom out to eat. We went to the Athen in Manchester NH. It was wonderful and the food was great! Yummmy!

David and I had lamb garnished
Mom had an Athen salad

Last year we bought our granddaughter a big bike for her birthday. Well the bike had an accident when it got ran over. So she has been riding this very small bike. It just happened that I went to the Marketplace on line and found a bike. So happiness is seeing our granddaughter smile!! πŸ₯°

She was so excited about her new bike. Her Dad and her went on a 4 mile ride today! They even stopped for ice cream 🍦yummmy!

Daddy and Evelyn’s bikes

Between us RVing and covid I haven’t seen some of my sisters for 10 to 12 months. Today I got to see my youngest sister!!!

Wednesday I took my Mother and my Aunt to lunch at The LaBelle. We started with tasting session and then lunch at their Bistro.

LaBelle winery
Grape leaves
The vineyard
Drinks and lunch
After dinner
Outside dining
Jane, Linda and Lorraine
A great time!!