A leap of Faith….

Beginning our journey!

      About a year ago we started this journey. We researched different RVs and everything connected with them. We went to every RV show within our area of VA. We knew nothing so it has been a large learning curve. We have been reading books on RVs, engines, minimizing or down sizing, how to fix it…..etc. I could go on and on. We made many lists on pros and cons, related to RVs. What length did we want or could we really handle. What side did we want the kitchen on. Did we want a combined bathroom or a split one? Your getting the idea, there are millions, ok only a hundred decisions to agree upon. For the 2 of us were going to live in about 300 square feet area. Now my head was spinning!!!

Luckily there were no time constraints. So this gave us the time we needed to digest all the information we were gathering. For us this was a big purchase and a large jump, for we also were going to sell our house. Timing then was crucial.

Before we knew it 9 months had gone by and there was ALOT of discussions on what we did or didn’t want. One of the greatest RV Shows was the big show in Hershey, PA, here is where we got to meet other RVers and talk about anything and everything related to full time RVing. The show is usually in September and have about 75 football fields of RVs, trailers and even teardrops. We stayed 3 days and attended 3-4 learning sessions. We checked out additional equipment for we were going to tow a car.

When I mentioned what we were going to do some people thought it was awesome others thought we were crazy, truly it’s a little of both. Then one of my friends said I should start a blog so they could follow us on our adventures. I didn’t give it much thought till after living in the RV for 2 weeks and finding out that the small things that were happening were really silly or funny. 

        So though the chaos of getting the house empty and ready to sell, we went back to General RV center with the same salesman and bought a 2018 Winnebago Intent. The RV is 30 feet long, we learned some state parks won’t allow anything longer then 30 feet. We did this at the end of June.

   If you buy an RV make sure on your walk thru to make a punch list. The car dolley didn’t work out as planned so we are on the hunt for a dolley that will pull out 2015 Toyota Camery. The issue was my low front spoiler.

       The dealership was wonderful by giving us a 2 hour “learn your RV ” and a 2 hour driving lesson for both of us. It was with these lessons we learnt how to hook up electricity and water, recommending buying a filter, how to use the generator if we need it. Then I run stuff…..how to dump your black and grey water. What type of toilet paper to use?

      On July 2, 2018 we drove our new RV off the lot and to a near by Pocohantas State Park. OMG!! We are so green to all of this!


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