Learning the RV…

Well between July 2nd and July 14th, we learned quite a bit. David learned it can be nerve racking the 1st time you drive the RV. Especially back roads, that go up and down, curving like continuous SSSS’s. I was following behind him in the car and I was a nervous wreck. 

     I registered us and now to park the RV. Owning your first RV everything even the littlest thing seems MAJOR!

Now that we were parked and in one piece. We started to really get settled. We tried the auto jacks… it is really strange for sit tight until the screen says you are leveled, the whole motor home moves about while it is doing the leveling. Next we put the slides out, OMG we were so thrilled to get this far…Haha. We learned about the AC and how to adjust the temperature in the motorhome. The control panel was next, water heater, water tanks, and of course how to tell levels of grey and black tanks. We finally got the water and electricity connected. The first day and night was successful, we even had are first meal of grilled chicken! Phew, I slept well that night.     It took about half a dozen tries with me yelling at David to go right, left or straight back. I wonder if it helped or just drove him crazy. Either way he was kind and didn’t say a word.  Happiness is silence! From both parties….lol

   While we are doing all this settling with the RV we are also working 3 days or evenings a week. Then on the days off we are at our house getting it ready to go on the market. So life was far from dull. On Friday night we finally decided to take a break and went adventuring for a bite to eat and an adult beverage. We are in Chesterfield and find this small, quaint bar. The name of it was The Brew. The wonderful thing was that they were serving microbrews. It was great to order a flight and try 4 different beers. The bartender Andrew was warm and welcoming. He was very knowledgeable about the different microbrews he had on hand. The waitress and cook were great too! So as we were having a drink and scanning  the 3 TVs that were on sports, Andrew put on the Red Sox game for us. We decided to have a appetizer wings.. crispy outside, soft and juicy inside…yummmy! Well I then had the best fish tacos ever!! Definitely recommend them. So we get home and chaos starts when my husband can’t find his phone…(sigh). For 2 days we are on a phone hunt only to end up with new phones because 2 are just as reasonable as 1… 🙂 

      Over the next 2 weeks we continued to learn about the RV, what works and what doesn’t work. The punch list is made and call to dealers in am. While we are at the camp site life is good and relaxing. It is amazing I have seen beautiful butterflies, the biggest and colorful dragonflies and the most awesome is the doe with her 2 fawns. So elegant and breath taking. If nothing else this journey is teaching me to let go of life’s drama and enjoy the more simpler things in life.

Ok, the last learning curve of this trip. The dumping station. I added a clear elbow to the dumping tubing. This gives me a clear view that the tanks are empty. Well things were going ok emptying the black tank till David checked the gauge, it said we were 1/3 full so I looked around and realized I went over the lip of the RV. I shut valves off, open cover in floor of dumping area on the RV. With minimal spillage and maximum gagging I got the hose through the opening. I then finished dumping. The gauge read empty. David filled a bucket of water and dumped it into the toilet cleaning the remaining sewage. Next was grey water and that went without a hitch. Yes, I did wear rubber gloves and I had a plastic container in which I put the “dirty hoses”. We rinsed them out before placed them in the plastic container. Well since you can only stay 2 weeks a month in state parks we were off to Powhatan State Park.

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