2019 Louisiana Bound



1/1 We left Chiefland to go to Dover fl. Tomorrow the RV punch list will get done! Yeah!!

1/2 RV at dealership all day ??? What to do??? especially since I have the dog too. St. Petersburg beach here we come… we found a little grill right on the beach. Stayed for a bite and drink then we headed back. What a wonderful day!!

1/3 Off to Louisiana, on our way it was sad and unbelievable to see the destruction left by Hurricane Michael. Miles of trees down and abandoned homes due to tree and wind damage.

1/4 Started a little later due to heavy raining, we made up the time when we crossed over to central standard time. The winds are awful on some of the really high bridges especially along the waterways.

High on the bridge

Coming into the campground St. Bernard state park, a tunnel of trees just so beautiful….


David surprised me with Mardi Gras King cake!!!


YUMMMMMMMY!! and I found the baby!!!

A reception committee member on my window this morning!!!


1/5 Out exploring…

Braithwaite is the town where we are staying
House on stilts since Hurricane Katrina

Above ground cemeteries due to the water table

1/7 We went exploring again and this time to shell beach, well we thought there would be shells but it was more like a small memorial for those who lost their lives in Hurricane Katrina.  On our way there we passed some of the fishing boats, they were just coming in with fresh,fresh, fresh shrimp, crayfish and crabs!!! Seafood here is awesome!!!

Plaque in memory of those who lost their lives in Katrina

In the water
Pelicans on the pillars all around

01/09 One of the most fun days…..We went into New Orleans. It was funny to see Bourbon St. during the day and not at Mardi Gras time. We walked around for awhile, saw a street break dancing act. Visited St. Louis Cathedral at Jackson square.

Bourbon St. during the day
Break dancers in Jackson square
St. Louis Cathedral
Beautiful Pipe Organ

We walked along the side of Jackson square looking into the little stores. On the back corner of the square and across the street is the Cafe du Monde. Well that can only mean coffee and beignets!! Yummmy!!

coffee and beignets

We walked around some more actually we did a total of 5 miles…phew! On the way back to the car we decided to have a drink. We stopped at the Musical Legends Park for a bite and a drink. David had a Hurricane and I had a bloody Mary then we tried a muffuletta…delicious! While we were enjoying our beverages and sandwich (big enough to split) the Steamboat Willie Jazz band was playing. I just love visiting New Orleans!!!

Musical Legends park
Hurricane and Bloody Mary
Steamboat Willie jazz band
Found in St. Bernard State Park

01/14 *** learning curve*** remember when the last time you dump!! David opened the shower and there was about an inch of water…phew, thank goodness it was just grey water but it still smelled!! When we started to look back the last time we dumped was on New Years day. Wow we went 2 weeks!!! Yes there is no sewer hookup so every 13 is dump day. Oh well. Very  quiet here but it has internet service. Each park is a trade off of amenities 😁

1/16 grrrr cabin fever…went looking for a mall,they are hard to find outside of New Orleans. When we finally found a mall there were tons of stores but hardly any one around….creepy! Bought a new pair of sweats, to walk Peanut in the am. From the mall we went to Gordon Biersch Brewery for an appetizer and some flights of beer. They were having a special on the flights..5 for $5. Good day!!!

1/18 We to eat at a restaurant that was recommended, “go on Friday, they have a great buffet” well not so. Matter of fact we turned around and left, the buffet was really gross. We went to a seafood take out that we had been to before …. well it seems they are open till 7pm, but stop cooking at 6pm…it was 6:25, grrrr get Hangry!!! Well they did recommend Charley’s restaurant just done the street. Okay we go and it’s a Mom and Pop dinner. As it turned out it was some of the best seafood we’ve had!! A seafood platter was so huge we shared it and took half of it home. Great corn bread too!

1/23 Rainy day and we decided to go exploring bakeries.  1st Bakers dozen great donuts, some pastries but kings cake not ready till 11am. 2nd Randazzo bakery. They had more pastries, kings cakes and coffee. Both of them had no bread. We did get a pecan and praline king cake that was to die for!! 3rd we went to Antoine but there wasn’t very much there except donuts, kings cake due out 1:30 PM. They have queen cakes too. There is 2 -3 others I like to investigate Joe’s cafe, breaux market and bittersweet confections.

    After we went to check out another mall and again creepy no one around. Finally we went and ate Chinese food, pretty good.

My Granddaughter Evelyn made these for us!!
My visitor the last couple of days…..

Another stone found in St. Bernard state park….. Lucky me !!
My 2 painted rocks that I did, now to hide them!!
1st Turkey dinner! The RV smells sooooooo good!!!

1/31 Well our 1st month is all wrapped up and its been fun! Feb is going to be packed with even more fun, being Mardi Gras!!! Can’t wait for the parades and a “Hurricane ” yummmy!! So look for further postings…

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