Adam’s visit


10/1 Arrived at Adam’s house and made him a shepherd pie for supper. Got to visit, but poor Laura had to work until 9pm. 😋by Evelyn my granddaughter!

   10/2 Adam,Evelyn David and me went into Manchester and ate Mexican food at shorty’s restaurant. Later a nap and spaghetti supper with the whole family!

  10/3 I babysat Evelyn and Seth’s 3 boys, I must say I was in heaven. Seth and David went and picked up the car dolley. Plus David picked up another spare tire too. The minute we left Seth’s house Evelyn was fast a sleep. Supper was absolutely great! Laura made shrimp scampi, and Adam grills a mean tasting steak…yummy.



Going out to eat
A Princess came to visit.
Pa and Evelyn at Dylan’s Soccer game

10/4 Laura decided to work from home so we decided to take Evelyn to let Laur have some peace. We started with lunch at the Puritan best chicken tenders!! Then we went shopping for lobster dinner. We also invited Mikey and his beautiful girlfriend Ally. After dinner we played Meme a hysterical game.

Puritan the best mudslides!!!
Pre lunch tic tac toe…… lol
Just being silly

Never know what you will find in Memere’s car…. a fur hat!!

Billy’s Bar pregame drinks
ALDS Red Sox vs Yankees.
I love my soxs!!

Doesn’t get any better!!!
Green Monsta!!

10/7 Breakfast with the boys then to Evelyn’s gymnastics class. Chill out day leaving for Seth’s in morning. Need to finish NH registrations this week and hope to see some foliage.

Sebastian at breakfast
Such proud Memere and Pa!
High beam by herself!!

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