February St. Bernard State Park

2/2 Well I promised you February would start off with a bang!!! We were so lucky to have friends who had a layover here in New Orleans. So off we went to Bourbon st. Yahoooooo!! Eating,drinking,music and of course dancing and laughing in the street! Great evening..

Investigating the little stores….. lol

My usual punky do!!
Jazz at the Café Beignet! Bloody Marys and muffulettas!!

2/3 My friends Margaret and David sailed into the sunset. Happy Anniversary and many more!!

Carnival Cruise Ship
New visitors this morning!! Salamanders!
Louisiana dinner!!
Things you do when you don’t work…. lol

2/9 I was having a frustrating day. I couldn’t get out of my own way…lol so we went out to buy some coffee that we had run out of. We got side tracked by looking for the best king cake around. When we went to the bakery that we thought closed at 7pm actually had close at 4:30pm. So I asked David if he wanted an Adventure,  he was up for it. So I programmed the GPS for Breaux Carre a beer brewery. Well it was really busy around the brewery when it donned on me that there was a Mardi Gras parade tonight. So we circled the streets till we found a parking spot. We then went for a flight at the brewery. We walked around a little and stopped at the favela pizza and had a Cuban sandwich and some chicken wings…yummmy! Parade time!!!

Even E.T. loves Mardi Gras
The Aliens are coming!!
Colorful and fun!!

2/11 LEARNING CURVE! Well yesterday after the third time having the gray water entering the shower….grrrr. it had been only 10 days since we dumped, we decided we needed to invest in a honey wagon or as they call it in the south a tote along. We went to Steve’s RV. and bought a 28 gal. Camco. Yeah no more moving the RV. every week and it fits on the ladder while we travel. Perfect!!


Our new “honey” wagon or tote along!

LEARNING CURVE!! Well needed to empty the black and grey tanks now. Yes l did read the directions but….you’ll see.. We put on our rubber gloves,  figured out what connection went to what connection and now to start! We hooked up every  connection and opened the black water valve it was going so slooooow! Well David wondered if he opened the vent if that would help….Ah yes it does poop went flying into the honey wagon. But we all of a sudden realized the honey wagon was full when poop came flying out of the vent hole like a geyser, spilling poop everywhere.. grrr. David was stunned and just looked at it, suddenly he started to holler for me to shut the black valve!! Thank goodness for gloves, I stuck my finger in the valve hole. Okay what now……close black valve and put the cover on the valve quickly!!! Well we finally got the hang of it by the 4th run! 

    If you are all laughing now we totally understand and consider yourself lucky you weren’t here, the smell was septic!

2/16 Quiet day. About 4pm went into New Orleans for 2 parades, Krewe de brieux and Krewe delusion. Mostly an adult theme. Met some wonderful people, they invited to sit in front of their home so we had front row seats for the 1st parade then we all went over a block for the 2nd parade, hung out with another couple. Alot of fun!! After the parade we picked up something to eat and went home.

Krewe de Vieux
All the floats are horse drawn.

2/18 My fur baby wasn’t eating or drinking and shaking like a leaf. So off to the vets we went. He has conjunctivitis and he injured his back. He got a couple of shots, steroids and pain meds x5 days. Eye drops for a week. He hasn’t eaten or drank  all day.  I’m worried and keeping an eye on him. He looks like a hippie at Woodstock, stoned!!

Poor Fur Baby!

2/23 Update…Peanut is back to his old self again. Well it is officially it is Mardi Gras, so off to a Parade. Today is the Krewe of Nemesis. It took about an hour and had about 15  floats. They really were catering to the kids at the parade with not only alot of bead but tons of toys they were throwing. Anything I caught I gave it to some kid that was around me. I like to collect the Krewe necklaces, I will keep those. I was lucky I got 3 today!!!

Start of the Krewe of Nemesis Parade

These are the beads I collect!!

New visitors today a flock of Ibis!

2/27 Off to the vets again poor Peanut, sick for 2 days both ends and not eating barely drinking. Vet things he reacted to the prednisone. Different medication for stomach and sensitive stomach food. Peanut is snubbing his nose at it. Added a little of white rice, heated it and he ate half. Will update again later. Tomorrow officially starts Mardi Gras week and ending on Fat Tuesday.  We looking at the schedule to see which parades to go to. Most of them now will have 25 to 50 floats except the one on Tuesday that one has 81 floats!! Got to love it !! Playing!!


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