Headed South..

10/15 We had the RV and the car inspected even if it took us 2 hours to go a distance of 35 miles…ahhh hazard of traveling! We managed to get all the way to Newburgh NY at the campground KOA Holiday..we like this campground. 10/16 We continue to head south, we stopped at a beautiful campground…Bar Harbor RV park and marina in Abingdon,md.

Our view on the lake….. beautiful!

10/17 We arrived at Pocohantas state park. It has been a very busy and wonderful week with some of my friends. I’ve had coffee, lunch x2 and drinks with a some of the most wonderful people I know. I am so blessed. David has been busy doing medical things. Our week at Pocohantas state park is coming to an end. On Thursday we will be heading to Durham NC to visit with more friends then on to Chiefland, Florida!!

10/24 Finally got my haircut, nails will have to wait till Florida. 10/25 heading to Durham nc which is only a 2 and half hour drive…bahahaha!!!! We were ready to check out at 1pm..yes we slept in! Well the cotter pin was missing, so David went to the hardware store while I let the campground host we were going to leave a little  later. When David got to the hardware store he realized he forgot his wallet back in the RV …oh wait he luckily had stuck a $5 in his pocket. The pin was $3.60 phew just made it. So now it’s 2:15 PM. Went an got some gas now it’s about 3pm. We drove about an hour and stopped to eat and get something to drink.  We also managed to get some propane. Now we are coming on 5:30pm. But we are having a fun time (sarcasm)….. finally we thought we found the campground NOT and we took the wrong turn and thankfully at the top of the hill there was enough room to turn around…..ha. We had to unload the car 1 st then a ranger finally came..he helped us out of this campground and gave us loose directions to the right one. We stopped into shopping center got in the car and 8 miles later we found the right campground so we turned around and went to get the RV. Finally we landed at 9pm…so this was our 2.5 hour ride to Durham nc . Gooood night!!! 

10/26 First I have to wish my wonderful son a Happy Birthday!!!

     It is continuing to rain here in Durham NC. We just chilled for the day. I’m so excited to see our friends, Karen and Robin. Around 5:30pm we went to their home and got the grand tour. Just adorable, the colors on the walls are soft southwestern making the home very welcoming. Robin did an outstanding job on all the decorations in the  house. Next we left to eat at a restaurant named Juju, an Asian tapas food, delicious. They then took us to their favorite watering hole. Haha we now know where to find you!! Lastly fell asleep watching the world series game!

Saturday a travel day but it started with the car dolly ratchet missing a cotter pin. Home depot here we come! That ended putting us an hour and half behind schedule. But together we got everything all squared away. We decided to call it an early day and stopped in Dillion,SC. Right at the beginning of the campground were beautiful cotton fields, it does look like popcorn exploded!!

Just over the SC. line

Beautiful cotton feilds


10/29 Tybee island very, very, quiet. Beautiful peaceful. Found a little bar with some of the best seafood nachos we have had, right off the beach. Visited 2 lighthouses. Then headed to Savannah for the late afternoon. Took a trolley ride around Savannah which gave us an overview, history, restaurants and high lights of Savannah. Well worth it!!!

Tybee island

Beer and seafood nachos!

Tybee lighthouse

Cockspur lighthouse.

Beautiful mansions!

Statues in each square of Savannah

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