Heading North

09/10 We are leaving Pocohantas state park and heading to Kings dominion campground Then the 11th we sign papers and go to the Winnebago Rally. 09/11 we went to the lawyers and signed the papers on the house. This afternoon the organizers of the Rally are cancelling it due to Hurricane Florence, 3 states have been declared a state of emergency. North and South Carolina and Virginia, well first we extended our stay one night and decided on the 12th we would head north to PENNSYLVANIA. The 11the being my Birthday David took me to Joe’s crab shack for lunch king and queen crab! Yummmy !! I even had a slice of carrot cake that night. 12th we headed out. While we driving our real estate agent Angela Gladfelter called and stated the buyer doesn’t want to sign the papers till we mow the lawn. SMH!!!

    I made arrangements to have the boys next door to mow the lawn but her agent wanted a licensed lawn service to do it or $200 can you feel the anger building!!! Thank goodness for Angela, she handled our stressful text messages so professionally and quickly. By 4pm she called and told us we no longer own a house!! Sweet Jesus!!! Thank you!! We continued to drive to Carlisle Pennsylvania where we will stay.

Celebrating my birthday!!
Crab legs yummy!!
Crab, shrimp, corn on the cob and red potatoes.

9/12 We stayed at a place called Western Village, it was a pretty good site but a little close together. Maybe the’re all like that, we’re new to this and use to state parks were you have good size site. We were so tired, we were in bed by 9pm. Of course I woke up and felt great only to find out it was only midnight. Thank goodness I fell back to sleep next I woke up at 6am. Time to get up and get going!! NOT…it was pouring really hard!! We waited till about 9am before we started out. We drove till 1pm and stopped at Red Robin for lunch it was wonderful to be with my husband for an hour…I can’t wait till we get the car dolley. We finally stopped in Newburgh, NY at the KOA. This campground is really nice and the lots are a good size, the staff are friendly and professional. Ahhhhhh it feels good to stop!!

Sculpture at the Western Village

It was beautiful scenery, going parallel to the Appalachian mountains. Went over the Delaware River and the Hudson valley dotted with the house reminded me of Italy. I wish I wasn’t driving so I could have taken pictures. Route 81 is just so breath taking! Retirement and having the time to appreciate our own country is awesome! I’m so glad to be on this new adventure…yeah for me!!

Quick picture of Hudson valley

9/14 We took route 84 along the catskills mountains another beautiful ride! We arrived in New Hampshire about 3pm. Called my Mom told her to come for coffee, this confused her till I told her to walk outside and she saw the RV….lol.

     We hadn’t told anyone we were coming north. It was a last minute decision. I was lucky that my sister Diane came to visit. On Saturday afternoon my sister Joyce joined us.OMG did we laugh! David and I  stayed with my Mom till Sunday 9/16 when we went to the Glendi and surprised our son Seth. After we drove across town and surprised our other son Adam. He said he was having a bad and seeing me brightened his day, oh my heart warmed up! 

      Monday I called and cancelled our appointment with General RV. We will have the work done when we get to Florida. David,Mom and I are waiting to hear from Amanda. 🤣 Amanda will be admitted on Tuesday, poor girl it wasn’t till Thursday morning when she had Ryker. Beautiful little boy!!

Staying with my Mom!!
Celebrating my Birthday!!

Well a week went by fast. David and I helped Mom out by doing outside work, weed whacking and shrub trimming. I planted and put out some Mums. I went and planted some hostas at my Dad’s grave, it looks so much better. Our Saturday we took Mom and Beverly to the food truck festival. The food, ice cream and music was great and everyone had fun.

Grandmemere with Ryker her new great grandson.
Mom with the Monarch mascot
The Beach ….. Ahhhhhhh!!

9/22 Arrived at Hampton beach, parked the RV and immediately went to the ocean. Fried dough!!! Yummmy!! Well now settled at the campground, rest…

Only 2 miles from the beach!

Today we got a longer dumping hose, this is the first time we have a sewer…interesting! Take note new learning curve…lol.

       After we went to the Blue Mermaid in Kittery, Maine for Caribbean food…yummmy! And last but not least dessert in downtown Portsmouth loving this retirement!!!

One of the streets in Portsmouth, NH
Dessert and coffee…. delicious.

What a way to end the day….. a full moon.

9/26 I was out of sorts most of the day and so i slept most of the day. I woke up and was ready to go out. We headed into Portsmouth, i wanted to sit overlooking the water. We started at Lazy Jack’s drinks, bang bang shrimp and scallops wrapped in bacon. Then off we go to the next water bar, River House. We had a drink, lobsta and artichoke dip. So finally we went toMoxy for dinner. It has a different kind of menu. We started with marinated mussels and corn bread. Lamb shank with noodles for entree. David had a boiled dinner with a spin to it. After we finished up at the French bakery in town.  Such a GREAT evening!!

View from Lazy Jack’s

A tug boat

A business that just struck us funny cause our youngest son is Adam…

View from the 2nd bar
The Harbor

9/27 Hung out at home most of the day. Took a ride along the seacoast in the afternoon.


Rye, NH

The end of our afternoon David found a cheese specialty store so we went in to investigated it.  My luck they had cheese with truffles in it…brought me back to our trip to Italy. 

9/28 We found a car dolly, so we went to look at it. It took a about an hour to get to Pittsfield from North Hampton. It reminded us of all the baseball games we carted the kid to from Raymond to Pittsfield. We also use to go to the hot air balloon festival there too.

     Friday night we went to Markeys for seafood. Steam clams and seafood platter with Lobster yummmy!!

Steam clams

9/30 Last day of Sept and last day at the beach….boohoo! We decided to take a ride along the coast and even saw the Wentworth Hotel, Russian Japanese war treaty was signed there. Beautiful ride! After we went over to Throwback brewery for a beer and appetizers. Leisurely day, Adam’s house tomorrow and more new adventures. 

Our new Yacht…….. NOT!!!!

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