March – St. Bernard State Park

3/1/19 Mardi Gras officially started yesterday but we will go tomorrow to a parade. There is over 65 parades over 5 days and about 20 to 35 floats in each parade. Sometimes it is 1 to 2 parades in a row. Well the beads, toys and special medallions will be thrown!! So much fun and a Hurricane drink doesn’t hurt either.

Beautiful Costumes!
Monsters ….oh my!!
Waiting for a parade to start……
Hurricanes make time go faster!!

3/2 Another day another parade!!

The Best Parade!!
Spiderman loves Mardi Gras!!
The King of the Parade!

3/3 We had collected so many beads that we decorated the posts to each campsite for Fat Tuesday!! It really made the campground festive and fun for me too!! 3/6 Lent started ….

Mardi Gras decorations.

3/10 Today we went to the Los Islenos Fiesta. The Fiesta is to remember the history, culture and the traditions of the Houma Tribe. St. Bernard’s Spanish roots date back to the 1700’s when Canary Islanders came to the area and settled. Of course we were interested in the food. I had shrimp and grits. David had a fish por boy. We also tried empanadas, all the food was great. Oh yes dessert found its way to the table too! Tres Leches.


Yummmy! Tres leches

3/11 LEARNING CURVE!! Ihave been putting off driving thr RV. Yesterday was dump day and we also needed to move to another site. So Dave made me drive to the dump site. OMG I was so nervous I think I was only going 5mph, after I drove to the new site. Here is where he really pushed me into backing in to the site. I did go very slow and only needed to make a few adjustment. I DID IT!!!! I even got it so the auto Jack’s leveled… I was happy and it was good for my confidence. 

3/15 Pretty quiet this week. Being Lent we were invited to a Friday fish fry. Huge portions we probably could have just ordered 1. The dinner had catfish, shrimp,  oysters and stuffed crab then you pick 2 sides. Pretty good!

3/17 Happy St. Patty’s day!! We decided to go down to the Marigny section of New Orleans to the St. Patty’s day parade!! We started off at 13 a bar for a Guinness and appetizers! There were some bagpipers there and they eventually played. They were also in traditional Irish kilts. The lady sitting next to me glittered me!!

Fun! Glitter!!
St. Patrick Day fun!!

We walked around for awhile then went for dinner at Aldolfo’s Italian. Yummmy!! Mussels with white wine and garlic, and flounder with shrimp,crawfish and crab with a crawfish sauce. OMG delicious!! There were such large portions we shared. Of course a couple cocktails went down smoothly!!! I even got David to try jello shot! After dinner was the parade once again I got lots of beads and flowers.  They give flowers and kiss you on the cheek wishing a happy St. Patty’s day.  To finish the evening we went to a little artist market. David bought me my fleur de lis earrings and 2 prints for our back wall behind the bed. Great evening!!!!

Prints for my Bedroom

My new Fleur de lis earrings

3/19 We had to do some errands, we went to t mobile and got 2 free umbrellas, 1 pink, 1 black. So then we decided to find a happy hour. We checked out some of the breweries and actually came across a distillery.. Lula in New Orleans was awesome  $5 drinks and $5 appetizers. Really good definitely would go back!! Fun!

$5 drinks and lump crab dip
3/21 Louisiana crawfish festival…. yummy!!

3 seconds of fame!! While we were at the festival the local news took some footage of me and then I was shown on the 11 PM news!!

3/24 This is New Orleans and so it’s parade time again!! This one was in Metairie and about 35 floats,dancers and bands. Not only did they throw the usual beads but they threw cabbages, carrots, potatoes,onions and green peppers!! So much fun we also got moon pies, cracker Jack’s and candy thrown at us too. 

After the parade we were really  hungry so we went across the street to Pho Orchid for chicken Pho absolutely yummmy!!

Grand Marshall and now the parade begins The Irish – Italian Parade
Cinderella and her fairy godmother….
All we caught!!

3/25 Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!!!❤🎂 For dinner I made him a corn beef  dinner and used all the vegetables I caught  yesterday! He found these beautiful flowers …

Found these irises in the woods, there is beauty everywhere….

3/28 Well we are wrapping up March which was really busy! April showers are coming!! We went out for breakfast, they had about 6 – 8 different eggs Benedict. Of course we started out with a bloody Mary,  yummmy even had bacon infused vodka… Next we went over to the French market which was alot of fun looking at all the goods for sale. It was a HUGE market it took us a little over an hour just browsing.  I did find a couple of lapel pins which I’m going to take up North and give to my Mom, she loves pins  and these come from New Orleans. Finally we finished the day off listening to jazz at an open stage. Phew a busy day!!!

A walk along the Mississippi river!!

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