Pocahontas State Park

On to Pocahontas State Park, we left the Powhatan state park at 1pm did a dump run and the onward. The ride is only 35 miles but we took our time for it started to rain, it was David’s 1st time driving the RV in the rain. We were lucky to get the camp site we like, it’s one that is pretty level. Well not that it is a race but from the time we left, drove, register, park and set up. It only took us 2and 3/4 hours. I have to say we were pretty puffin with ourselves … lol.

      We then decide to go an have a drink and a bite to eat. In Chesterfield there is a cozy bar named Brew. So off we go!! BTW they make the best fish tacos and if you get fries they make their own ketchup delish!!

Found on today’s walk ….. Ask Alice….lol

We, after almost 5 weeks of staying in camp grounds needed some adult social life. So Thursday we went to the Brew in Chesterfield, we got to see a Red Sox game against the Yankees! Then on Friday, we went to Funny Bones with another couple. We had such a good time. I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt.

       After we got home David called to me and told me to come outside. So I sighed and went out. OMG I have never seen anything like it. I wish I could have taken a picture but it was too dark. There was a large tree that was twinkling with hundreds of fireflies just like a Christmas tree with white lights. It was soooooo beautiful!

So this afternoon we decided to take a ride around the state park. Pocohantas state park is huge!!! There are hundreds of hiking trails, and horse trails too. It has a huge pool area with slides for the kids, picnic tables, a museum and 2 visitor centers. The have a banquet hall for weddings! On Saturdays they have a show at their amphitheater, can’t beat that!! I wish we could stay here all the time but state parks only let you stay in 2 week limits. So as you will see until we sign papers on our house we will keep going between 2 state parks.😁

     I have been doing a little more walking and started crocheting a baby cocoon for my niece. Because of all that is going on I sadly missed my family reunion and my niece’s baby shower. Boohoo….

     Oh, I forgot today while we were out exploring I found a couple of hairdressers and a couple of  places that do nails! Yeah! Also I found that there are a couple of farmer’s markets. Mondays in am and Wednesdays in afternoon. Fresh vegetables and fresh fruits..yummmy!

You can rent canoes and paddle boats!

Well I did it David made me drive, it was a short distance but I drove!! I have to say I was a little nervous. I pulled out from the campsite and drove to the dumping station and then drove back. He wanted me to back it up but I was not feeling that confident. Next time!!

Well I’m feeling better since I got a mani/pedi done and had my hair cut ! Woohoo!!

       Today Friday 10th of August is coming to a close of us living in the RV at Pocohantas. Still loving it. It has been very hot these last 2 weeks in the 90’s so we decided to go for a dip. There are 3 pools 1. Toddler pool 2. 3 foot pool. With slides and a gym set up, the 3rd pool is about 5 foot. The area has a snack bar, lockers and about 2 life guards for each pool. Very impressive! The pool was very refreshing, we stayed only a couple of hours…fun!

08/27/18 We are really getting better at breaking down and setting up. This trip it only took us 2.5 hours! This is our last trip to POCAHONTAS state park. We leave September 10th for a park in Ashland for 1 night then we are going to our 1st Winnebago rally, September 11th (someone’s birthday) through the 16th. After we head back to the campground in Ashland till the 19th when General RV will finish our punch list. Oh by the way on the 12th we finally close on our house…phew. On September 20th with the grace of God we will head north to see family. We have to make a trip home to deliver all the items for Ori, Seth and Adam. So you can see we are having a busy last 3 weeks here in Virginia. 

     I gave been working on an outfit for Ryker…I hope he will like it. Now I’ll start on hats for other Great niece and nephews!

08/31 Last day of August and it was our last time visiting one of our happy hour watering holes. Drinks and appetizers!! Tomorrow is September and yeah we sign on the 12th. Getting excited!!


On September 3rd we picked up the u haul and loaded it. This is the final goodbye to a shell of a house that was once our home. I have to say it was a little bittersweet. I am looking forward to the adventuring that is in our future.  The next day we picked up the car dolly. I have to say I caused a 2 hour delay. You see my Toyota is front wheel drive so as i loaded it on the dolly i used the brakes and when i slowly let my foot off the brakes the car jump forward and I managed to get the whole front end stuck…grrrr i felt so stupid!!! Finally a fork lift was used to lift the car and put it in the right position on the dolly. Finally we were off to New Hampshire. The next day we delivered all the items to Adam, Seth and Oriana. Friday we were up early and headed back to VA. We did stop and had breakfast with my sister in law Linda. It was a short visit but great to see her. Alexander was with her and he is the funniest little guy!!

     On the way home a rock it my windshield and CRACK so now I need a new windshield. Monday is going to a busy day, we have to move and make lots of phone calls. It is getting closer to wrapping everything up! Yeah!!

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