Seth’s visit….

10/8 We arrived at Seth’s house around 2pm after we found a place to dump our waste. We found the Pine Acres Campground and it only costed $20. We were socializing with the family when Seth told me took come and look out the window. Wild turkeys, they seem to be in abundance this year!! Seth bought a smoker so for supper we had smoked turkey and ribs…yummmmy!

Wild Turkeys
More turkeys

10/9 We went to Goffstown to register our vehicles in NH. Then we went to breakfast in Chester. Chilled the rest of the day till supper. Seth made chicken curry with white rice…he is more specific in the name of the type of rice. This was David’s 1st time he has had Indian food. As usual it was delicious.


Using the bread to scoop up the last little bit….
Family dinner

10/10 David and I went looking at the leaves. The colors were so beautiful. We had lunch outside on the lake in Meredith. Later supper with the family. Steak tips and lamb kabobs, roasted vegetables and baked potatoes.  Before dinner the kids and I played battleship and slapjack. Fun!!

Trees turning colors!!
Moultonbough, NH
The Lakes were beautiful.
New England church
Scarecrows around Chester!

10/11We just chilled out in the RV. Friday the12th we went and got our NH license then we went down to visit with my Mom before we leave on Monday.

    13th We were going to see Sebastian play soccer but it was pouring so they cancelled it. Pizza for lunch with the kids. Chicken parmigiana for dinner then the red Sox game. 

Sunday was a chill day then red sox game. We will be leaving in the morning. It has been a wonderful month!!! Visiting my Mom, my sons and a week at the beach. It is always mixed emotions when leaving my family. Heading south!

Aww rained out……

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