Pocohantas state park

4/5 Arrived and got settled in, just relaxed the rest of the evening. Matter of fact we chilled for 2 more days and enjoyed the peaceful surrounding. 4/8 I went and had cocktails with a close friend. We spent about 4 and half hours catching up. 4/9 It was David turn to catch up with one of his friends for lunch. They enjoyed Mexican food! This exactly what we needed a week off between jobs!! 4/10 I was meeting one of my friends for breakfast at the Egg and I, I was getting a table when someone came up to by my right ear and said are you waiting for me? I turned around and it was a male friend of mine. I was so happy to see him!!! The 3 of us chatted for hours. That night we went over to Margaret and David house. They went all out for us appetizers, ribs, chicken, potatoe salad and corn casserole. All the food was DELICIOUS!! We topped off dinner with homemade made cheesecake that David had made. We are so lucky to have special and wonderful friends!!

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