Arriving in New Hampshire

5/16 We stayed in a KOA campground. New York north, clean and staff are really nice. This is the 3rd time we’ve stayed here. 5/17 We arrived in Nashua around 3pm and settled in. My aunt came over and I gave her and my Mom their Krewe Thoth hats.

5/20 We went to the stadium and got all the paperwork out of the way. 5/21 I helped my Mom clean the refrigerator and cupboards then in the afternoon we went to work. Our 1st day!!

5/22 2nd day of work. I was lucky to meet a group of people that volunteer with the Pan Mass Challenge the childrens division. They were absolutely adorable walking around the field. I was also lucky to meet the team’s mascot Fungo!

The Hilton has a patio that is huge and over see the baseball field.

5/24 We were able to see our grandson play baseball, our son coach. The umpire didn’t show up so my husband umpired. I’m so lucky to see 3 generations on one field!!

3 generations – David pitcher mound, son – coaching and grandson on base!!
At bat
Covering first base
Coach on right my son

5/25 Today we went to the cemetery and put a flag on my Dad’s grave. While I was there I saw these beautiful mushrooms growing on a tree.

Huge mushrooms!!

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