Date Day with Hubby!

6/29 It’s been a busy week and we had the opportunity to have some alone time. We started at The Statey Bar and Grill in Portsmouth NH. Great wings and tachos, tater tots made same as nachos. Yummmy! Beer on tap and the Red Sox game from London.

Tatachos and sweet chili wings!

After a couple of hours and a very slow game we left and headed to Kittery ME. We went to Warren’s Lobster House on water st. Kittery ME.

Yummmy clam chowder!
Crab cake and fries!
Salad from a huge salad bar!!
Twin lobsters!!

The chowder was delicious! We were so full that we took home the crab cake, fries and one lobster. The deck was wonderful to dine on.

Across the inlet.
Naval yard.
Heading home after a wonderful day!!

Of course retirement has its perks! Later a nap 😁

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