Day 3 Mlb All Stars

7/8 Today was a pretty chilling day. 1st we walked to the Shore restaurant and had breakfast. Had the best Greek omelet ever. Seth had a grand time discussing food with the owner. She even jotted down a few of his recipes. We then walked back to the hotel and just rested. Got a nap in!! About 4 pm we got dressed in our Red Sox gear and headed off to the ballpark.

Goodyear blimp
Sites of Cleveland
Artwork downtown
Police patrolling on horseback
Whole street of different bars

Whistle and keg pub, even got a commemorative beer glass for the All Star game. Off we go again!

Onward to the Clevelander
Our annual picture
Tanqueray and tonic!!

Great bar hung out for awhile and had our usual chicken wings! Then off to the Homerun Derby.

Excitement building!!!
Still can’t believe it!
I’m here !

While we were at the hotel found out hard ticket was no good…grrr. they sent it electronically. Ok so when we went to the gate to go in our electronical tickets wouldn’t scan either. We had to go to customer service and try to straighten it out.


We found out that the owner of the tickets released 4 tickets to one person and not 2 then 2. Seth was not a happy camper. But he was really calm and called Vivid Seats. They tried to change our seats but the owner of those seats didn’t answer the phone. Now we were told there were no other seats. Oh dear steam was coming out of Seth’s ears yet he was still quite calm. Finally they were able to come up with bleacher seats. By this time we missed the National Anthem and the Fly by. We sat under the jumbotron. A lot of the balls came our way, matter of fact the man next to us caught a ball. Since we were settled we now could enjoy the Homerun Derby. Wicked awesome!! Electrifying!!!

On th way to entrance gate
Starting ..
Looking around
Baseball kids
The end

After we went to Maple restaurant for BBQ. Uber to hotel had a cookie then it was good night…….zzzzzzz. Till tomorrow.

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