Unexpected events

7/13 It was our 1st full day at our younger son Adam’s house. He had to work and Laura had to run errands so we chilled in the house. When she came home she asked if we would babysit Evelyn our granddaughter OF COURSE!! Then I got invited to go to the meat raffle with her. Well I was talking with one of her friends and it turns out she is my 2nd cousin. Finally the last game is winner take all! RAFFLE!!! I WON!!! $355. I was even invited back next month…..oh yes!!

Like bingo with cards
The hall
Our table of fun!!
Daughter in law Laura with her Dad! Happy Birthday Ron!!
Emily my new found 2nd cousin!!
Hit the Winner take all!!

After we went back to the house we got everyone together and off we went to the Putnam restaurant in Goffstown NH.

David, Adam and Dylan
Evelyn, Laura and George
Full order of onion rings …. yummmy
Seafood platter to share…HUGE!
Bubble gum ice cream to top it off !!

What a great day!!! I love my family!!

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