This year we able to make a visit that has been in the making for years!

7/18 – 7/22 We were so lucky to have our RV and was able to go camping with hubby’s brother and sister. It has been such a great time catching up, hanging out and swimming!

View from our RV

Friday we sat around and caught up about anything and everything…later we went for a boat ride.

Great boat ride!!!
Aye aye captain!!

It was wonderful to see my niece Nicole and her 2 adorable kids. Then Susan was able to join us… one joy after another.

Caught off guard!

Next morning here comes breakfast!! WOW!!!! Carl’s Oxford Diner…. a must try!!!

Diner has its own bus….lol
No drinks today!
Scrambled eggs, homefries and bacon
Western omelet..yum!
Pastrami omelet
Shaved steak omelet
Swimming area.. warm water too.
You can swim out to the raft…fun

Saturday was a great and silly day. All the family was together. Adult beverages and a wonderful pot luck dinner. Absolutely wonderful to be together!!

Sunday the “girls” got up early and went blueberry picking……sweet.

Heading toward the blueberry bushes.
Looks more like a wine vineyard???

If you want something (a treat) go to the camps store!!


The day ended with a evening cruise.

Wind in you hair ?!
Good night to another wonderful day!!

Monday morning and we have to leave. 4 days never went so fast!! We should do it again soon !!

On our way back to Goffstown we stopped by my Mother’s house. A nice visit with Mom and my sister Diane.

Lorraine my Mom
My beautiful sister….Diane.

Another vacation comes to an end…happiness!!

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