Oh, oh

8/9 A story to let you know that things aren’t always smooth when traveling in a RV. Sometimes you have to put things on pause. Friday a ingrown have formed on the back neck. Of course human response is to pick and scratch. 8/12 His neck look red, hot and swollen. Lets say being a retired nurse I was concerned. I recommend hot packs and antibiotic bandaid.By Tuesday it was bigger, redder and hotter. To the doctors we go. Well yes it was infected so he was put on Bactrim and hot compresses. Will see….8/14 I babysat my granddaughter all day. When I got back to the RV I checked his infected area and WOW it was worse. Ok purple red, baseball swollen and burning up. He was running a temperature and very tired.While we were at the clinic the doctor lanced and created a larger opening so it would drain. He continued on the antibiotics, hot packs. Gratefully the are started to calm down and got better! Yahoooooo! Again I’m sharing to let you know that Rving has 2 sides. 8/14 Babysitting, we had the best day together full of alot of fun!!!HatchimalsOMG!! She won both games we played…..lolShe undid her hair and modeled ….

Starting our arts and crafts

8/15 Excitement around the neighborhood today!

Curious no fire but alot of equipment?? What do you think??

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