Pocohantas state park

My beautiful granddaughter dressed for cosplaying.

9/4 I love to keep up with what is going on at home too!!

8/29 1st day of school for the 3 boys. Easi blue shirt and shorts

Nolan standing next to him, always has his Red Sox hat on.

Sebastian blue plaid shirt and Jean’s, good luck 1st grade.

9/5 One test done!! Yeah the initial results were good …

We are now just waiting for the rain from Dorian. We are suppose to get 1-2 inches. We have everything tied down and stored under the RV. Tomorrow David will be doing some Ubering and since its going to rain I think I’ll do some major cleaning and cleaning out cabinets or closets. I have a bunch of clothes I haven’t worn in a year. Time to purge!!

David says RVing plans are made in jello!! Tomorrow he wants to Uber so we needed to find somewhere to put our golf clubs???? Where else in front of the passenger chair……lol

As it turned out he couldn’t uber so we doordash, most of the day and evening. While we doing the dashing my Gastoendocrologists office called and told me everything came back benign or the 3 polyps that were removed are cancer free!!! Yeah!!! So blessed!!!

On another happy note Nolan made AAU baseball traveling team!! WTG Nolan!! Memere is soooooo proud of you !!

9/7 We had a wonderful summer spending 6 weeks with each son and there families. The food at both families was incredible!!! I was however talking to my daughter in law Laura about being concerned about my health and weight. She suggested I try the arbonne 30 day challenge and so I said I could do anything for 30 days.

Over the next 30 days I lost 9 lbs and started to have more energy. I have decided to continue eating healthier. One meal at a time. I’m lucky for if I have any questions I have my daughter in law to ask. I also belong to a support group.

It also came to light that I was not getting enough fiber when I had my colonoscopy. So I had a “ahhhhhh” moment. Take a step back and make better eating decisions!

Sauteed spicy shrimp with wilted spinach and brown long grain rice… yummy!!! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland…..

Tomorrow lemon chicken, carrots and cabbage!

Got these pictures this morning!! So proud of my children and my grandchildren !!)

His name on back of his uniform doesn’t get better than this!!!! #42

Tips RVing – I also have to be realistic. Today 9/4 I am prepping for a Colonoscopy tomorrow. Please remember that you still need to do all the testing and physicals while traveling. That includes mammograms, pap smears, bloodwork, urologist and endocrinologist for thyroid disease or even diabetes. We make an annual trek home in summer. So that gives us a chance for doctor visits and registering our RV and car. We use Walmart for getting our medications. Taking good care of yourself, you will have great benefits!!!


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