Week 2

9/8 Today was wonderful!! Nick and his financee Sally invited a few of us on their platoon boat at Seven Springs Marina. Lorrie and Tom came along too. It was great cruising around drink an adult beverage while munching on different foods that people brought.Look closely you can see a spider’s web!LorrieTom …. Lorrie’s husbandCaptain Nick!!Handsome Hubby… David❤Dear friend Lorrie and new friend Sally!!!Surprise!!!Beautiful boathouse!!White heron…..Grey Heron…..Change of dinner plans … grilled chicken with Asian cabbage….yummmy !! Time for Patriots game!!9/9 Puttering around the RV and now getting ready to go off doordashing!!

9/10 Last week we talked about staying healthy while RVing. So today was do it all day. 1st I had a Mammogram then a physical with a different doctor. I liked her, she sat at the same level as me. She asked questions and answered mine. I felt she was listening!!! A pap smear was done and she stated, if all is negative I won’t need to have any more. Yeah!! Finished up with lab work and a urine sample. Granddaughter cos playing again!!!She is so darn cute!!!!Found a all natural restaurant in Richmond Va.Fresh farm sweet potatoes and baby butternut squash.9/9 Delicious dinner from cleaning out frig. Lean grilled pork, grilled corn on the cob and summer squash.Last night I was thinking that here I am in Pocohantas state park and haven’t seen any wild life. Well this morning there were a buck and 4-5 Does. I didn’t get to see them but David did!!!

9/14 Now that you have your health under control, it’s time to make sure your RV and car are up to par. We have our RV registered in New Hampshire. Class A have to be done every June and inspected annually whereas 5th wheels need to only be registered once a year and no inspection. Hmmm My car is registered in September and inspected the same month. We are now ready to start out traveling.

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