Rudd Creek

We are finally going camping in Virginia at Rudd creek. We have been waiting!! Why am I so excited??? Well I’ll be happy to see my bestie and her husband!!! We are camping the 3rd thru the 16th before heading west….

Heading to Boydton VA
On the rode again…. are you singing?
Master Chef Vicki making awesome burgers!!!
Hello Richard!!
Adult beverages and good conversations.
Cooking marinade steaks.
My Birthday Surprise!! From my BFF 💕
A ride to North Bend Park
My BFF!! 💕
A large lake….
North Bend

Well tonight is our last night for the 4 of us to be together. The menu is marinated grilled chicken, salad and brown rice. I’m trying not to think about tomorrow and saying goodbye.

We finished the night with a movie and some popcorn.

My view of the sky on my way back to the RV.

Full moon
Oh no!!! Leaving…..
Homeward bound…..
Drive safely
The distance separation is hard I will miss you!!! 😥

RVing tip: is about outdoor cooking. Since I learned alot from Vicki who loves to cook and is a great cook!!! Her husband builds a fire and continues for hours building a large bed of hot coals (ashes). Then you have the grill in the high position. The meat cooks slower and the juices stay in. Yummmy!!! Bon appetit!!!

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