Day 4 Nashville

9/19 We slept in and took our time relaxing. We left about noon to go to lunch in Nashville.

Coming into Nashville
Johnny Cash
Skyline Nashville
Local color
Ahhhhhh winery!
???Steinbeck???…  lol

We going to eat at Arnold’s. It’s a cafeteria style restaurant. Down home cooking and very inexpensive. Well known in Nashville.

Plain building hmmm
Order please….
Famous people who visited
Turnip greens and fried green tomatoes!!
Nashville Predators
Broadway  Street
Where alot of Country singers go or started.

Lots of bars!!
Great music
Jack and coke?
Need new cowboy boots?
Honky Tonk!!
Buy one pair get two pair free!!!
Oh Elvis…..
Boots, boots and more boots!!
Lucille sings
Must go to!!
On the bar
Doing a shot off her chest…..
Only half the bar ….
Wild horse saloon
Original Grand Ole Opry
Called the Batman building
Home of the Tennessee Titans
City Art
Luke Bryan’s bar
Great music
Yummmy…chicken wings
Great day… on the way home.

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