9/22 We left a little later due to me sleeping in, woke up around 9:15 am. We finally got moving around 10:45 am by the time we did all our prep work and loaded the car. The ride was uneventful. As we headed west the land and road started to become flatter.

Tennessee River
Really beautiful!!
Cotton fields

The ride was a little mundane, the trees are so high you can’t see anything pass them. Grrrr their were farms, fields and who else knows?? So I took some pictures of trees that ivy grew all over and clouds that were so big and fluffy.

They almost look sculptured
Kind of mesmerizing!
Puffy clouds
Cotton ball clouds

We finally arrived around 4:45 set up and the chilled for about an hour. Now some food shopping. Not bad for not shopping for 3 – 4 weeks $188. Less junk and more healthier choices. The rest of the evening we ate supper and watched TV. Early to bed tonight. Tomorrow???? Beal street, or maybe Graceland…..what do you think? ?

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