Passing through Arkansas

9/26 We headed out. We are just passing through Arkansas so I actually thought I wouldn’t blog but by the end of the day I changed my mind. At first I got a little bored. The land was so flat, flat, flat!!! Then it got flatter, flatter and flatter!!! So flat that if you lived in a 3rd floor apartment you would think your on a mountain!

Trees obstruct the view so that didn’t help. Through the peeks of trees you could see cotton or haying fields. The land was field after field.

Silos in the background
Silos ??? What they are storing???
Route 40
Huge American flag
Driving in to Lake Dardanelle
It’s a huge lake…
Staying overnight
Our view from the right side
Our view from left side
Love the view ❤
Part of the ozark mountains
Good evening

After our walk it was dinner..left overs. A little TV early to bed early start tomorrow. Oklahoma city next!

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