9/27 As of last night we didn’t have any campsite for our trip to Oklahoma! We called the lake Thunderbird state park campground and they stated that they had no open sites but recommend post oak state park which it’s part of lake Thunderbird state park. It is a 1st come 1st serve campground. So we decided to leave really early. We did manage to leave a little before 8:30 am but unfortunately both of us didn’t sleep very well. So we made a few extra stops to rest and to continue moving on. The road on rt. 40 was awful so many ruts and worn away pavement. It was a very bumpy ride!! That was only the small part of it. The wind was so bad it made it difficult for David, who was driving. His knuckles were white from holding the steering wheel so tight.

We needed to take exit 169 and we were near exit 180 so I decided to call and make sure they still had open sites. It took about 5 – 10 minutes for the ranger to get me an answer but there were sites….yeah!!

We finally made it to post oak campground and went around the circle a couple of times to find an open site. I was tired so became a little upset. I called the office and finally got a straight answer. There were about 4-5 sites open but a woman was putting chairs on sites she was saving for her friends. Grrrr

We finally found site 8 open. After about an hour of trying to get the RV level we moved to site 10. There we tried to level the RV for about 30 minutes with no success. We gave up, went inside drank some water to rehydrate and then laid down for about an hour….. I needed this!!

We got cleaned up and went into town to get a bite to eat….oh and a drink. We went to the Longhorn for a steak and started to feel human again. The day is finally winding down and we are relaxing at home. David says with rving your plans are in jello!!

Leaving Lake Dardanelle
Nuclear plant across the lake
Ozark mountains in the background
Teepees at a rest stop
Flatland! Farms!
Construction everywhere!
Red clay everywhere!!!
The road just goes on and on and on…

9/28 Going into Oklahoma city today…

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