Exploring Amarillo, TX

9/30 Well today we did 2 exploring trips!! The 1st place we went to is the Cadillac graveyard. It was created by 3 artists in 1974. People, who come to visit often add to the art sculptures by spray painting on it.

All Cadillacs
The sculptures are in a working field.

There is about 3- 4 inches of spray paint on these cars.

After we headed over to an RV museum, it is a private collection. It is at Jack Sisemore Traveland in Amarillo and free to the public.

Follow the arrow!
Numerous old motorcycles were there too
Trolley roof
RVs are even hanging from the ceiling

An original VW bus
Start of Winnebago
A bit of color….lol
Back of teardrop
My family had a starcraft 😁
Inside of starcraft
A bedroom in one of the RVs
Kitchen with built in blender

After museum we went to Petco and picked up dog food. Then we took the access 40 road back to the RV park. Late lunch and rest period… early evening we went to the pool for a swim. We actually did some light water aerobics and to be truthful it really felt good. We met a family from Australia and had a great conversation about the USA and their 1st RV travel trip. Dinner tonight lemon chicken and Brussels sprouts. Ending evening with some TV. good night…..zzzzzzz

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