Texas, everything is bigger!


Things happening at home! My baseball player grandson Nolan. Out of town game!

Then there is my oldest granddaughter dressed up cosplaying.

I’m so proud of my oldest grandson he made the high school soccer team!!

My youngest granddaughter is always ready to help Mom with her displays.

My mischievous grandson!!!

My grandson who loves a great debate !!

9/29 Now to caught up on what we did today. We left Oklahoma early, for we were going to be traveling about 250 miles.

The windmills in Oklahoma were really fascinating!!

You see these types of plants scattered around the fields.

They are so huge !!

Farm houses with large cattle farms

Yeah!! Texas

I took this picture because the highway to the right is route 66. The highway my parents took around 68 years ago on their honeymoon.

The farms look somewhat aged, probably from being in the family for generations.

The land is so beautiful and continues as far as your eyes can see.

I learned that there is about 13,000 windrills in Texas used for electricity. There are also 80,000 used to pump water. That is alot of windmills!!

We saw this and have no idea what it is. Any guesses???

Everything in Texas is bigger including the cross!!

Barns for horses or cattle.

Some of the cattle farms look just like the movies. They have gates with the farms name on them. Barb wire fencing surrounding the property and the house and barn in the middle of the property. Beautiful….

We finally arrived at The Big Texan RV park about 3:30 pm. After setting up I believe there was a nap penciled in zzzzz. Take out chinese for dinner around 8pm then some TV. Time to call it a day.

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