Heading to New Mexico

10/1 It was just a chillin day. It was raining all day sometimes it sprinkled and sometimes it poured. David was sweet and did the laundry. I cleaned up the RV and worked on my blog. FYI fun fact. The RV park has a restaurant about 2 mi down the road. They will come and pick you up in a limo, the limo has long horns on the front of it. They also have a 72 oz steak that if you eat it in an hour it FREE!!

We left about 9am and it was just starting to sprinkle again. On our way to Santa Rosa.

Passed a slaughter house
The smell was awful!!!

Blue skies ahead!!….yeah!!!
Electrical processing plant
Windmill farms
Old farm
The landscape is starting to change
You can see soooooo far
Leaving Texas

As we come into New Mexico I’m in awe, how you can see so far in the distance. How incredible the landscape with its Mesas and Buttes are, the colors are spectacular.

State line entering New Mexico
Whitish green grasses or shrubs
?? Storage??
Mesa in background
Up close Butte
Homes along the way
Some homes are very run down
Colors are soft and blend perfectly

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Tomorrow it is the Albuquerque balloon festival…I’m getting excited!! This event is on our bucket list, tomorrow we can cross it off.

We left early and stopped early. We had a reservation at the Ramblin Rose in Santa Rosa which was rated as a 5 star??? We drove in and the facility was completely run down. Yes it right off the highway and they only take cash, cheap at $25 a night. I went to the office and no one was there, we waited about 15 minutes. I told David that the place made me really feel uneasy. So we left, I immediately got on the phone and found a nice, clean, friendly and reasonable RV park. The Santa Rosa RV campground. They even have a restaurant attached to the park. If you call before 6 pm. they will deliver the food right to your RV site. The rest of the evening dinner, tv and bed……zzzzz.

Saw these earlier when we were walking the dog.

1st time I’ve seen natural cactus
Pretty red blossom on the cactus
Juniper berries

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