Albuquerque we have arrived!

10/3 The day has finally come, we have been waiting a year for this event. The Albuquerque balloon festival is an event that is on our bucket list. We are so happy to be here.

We left Santa Rosa early this morning about 8:15 am.

Decorative bridges
Very foggy could only see about 75feet in front of you…..ah.
Finally a break the sky is clearing up
After miles of just flat land a little muti mart
Mesas in background
Have Peanut will travel
Houses are scattered across the vast land
Small Southwestern church
Absolutely beautiful!!
Breathtaking scenery
A refinery
Rocks on rocks
Buildings, getting closer to Albuquerque
Arrived and hundreds of RVs
David backing our RV into the site
The Hospitality Tent from our RV window

After we got settled in we had lunch and put our feet up. Ok we took an hour nap….lol. Next we went over to the Hospitality tent for Orientation at 2:30pm. They had some hors d’oeuvres for all of to snack on while they went through all the dos and don’ts. It was great, we got to meet different people on this tour.

One of the hosts giving information about water and sewage….oww!
The man in the red hat is another host.

After Orientation we went back to our RV until 4:45 pm then back to the tent for a speaker. A husband and wife gas balloon pilots. It was really exciting and interesting!! There was also 2 other pilots there from Germany. There are 650 balloons that will be going up. They go in waves or groups. There are the regular balloons and hydrogen gas balloons. They talked for about an hour.

Speaking about the different types of balloons

Husband and wife pilots
Balloon pilots from Germany

Dinner was served after the pilots talked. We had some new friends to shared dinner with and had a nice time. After dinner we needed to go refill our prescriptions and do food shopping since we were down to practically nothing. Walmart here we come…. we were lucky it was only 5 miles away. Trying to go to bed early since we have to be up at 6 am. Not happening. I think we are just too excited. Oh well…..

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