Sandia Peak Tramway

10/4 We headed out very early this morning boarding a bus to go to Sandia Crest. Sandia Crest is part of the mountain which has an elevation of 10,300 feet. and overlooks Albuquerque. We are going to ride the tramway to the peak, it is a distance of 2.7 miles and takes about 15 minutes.

As you can see it’s raining
Very foggy too!!
A National Forest
Getting ready to go up
The tram

We took the tram to the top and it was raining, cold and very foggy. So foggy you couldn’t see 15 feet in front of you. We spent 20 minutes at the top waiting for the next tram to go down.

The group boarded the buses and we departed for Fruit Basket Market. Here we will get to shop at a local market and watch and smell green chilies roasting.

House along the way
Local market
Loose Green chilies
Loose pinto beans
Every type of beans imaginable
Ready to be carved
Dried chilies
40 lbs. Bags ready for roasting
Roasting chilies
4 roasters going at one time, long lines!!
Packing the roasted chilies

After the Fruit Basket we took a short trip around town then we ended at the El Pinto restuarant for lunch. It was a Mexican buffet. Totally yummmy!!!

Local scenery
Houses are made of Adobe
Upscale home
An estate
El Pinto restaurant
Beautiful gardens
Statue of a Spaniard

After lunch we headed to the Old Town Plaza for shopping.

Noah’s Ark balloon in Old Town Plaza
Fun Frog….
Having a great day
Music in the middle of the plaza
Small church in middle of the square

After walking around for a little over an hour it was COFFEE! time. .lol

Tiny cafe
Young lady making our coffees
My delicious cappuccino

4 pm finally time to board the bus and head back to our RVs. We all agreed we needed a nap….😁

Modern art piece in front of the art museum
Statues of the Spaniards going to New Mexico
This mountain is half of the Tijeras
This is the other half of the Tijeras, they meet together like scissors.

While I was napping David took a walk and captured the beautiful sunset.

A little piece of heaven on Earth.

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