Albuquerque balloons and Culture

10/6 1st I would like to wish my beautiful and wonderful Sister a GREAT Happy Birthday!!!!

At 7 am this morning I was sleeping but my husband was up. He happen to look out the window and there was the balloons overhead.

Mass Ascension
Sun coming up
Jesus blessing of the balloons
Christ balloon
Luke I am your Father

By now I am awake and David tells me too look out the front window of the RV. Bam!! I’m running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I don’t know what to do 1st get dressed or grab my camera and put on the telephoto lens….ahhhhh.

Balloons like suspended raindrops
Floating Dew drops
Landing at the end of our RV row

Around 11AM the group on 2 buses left for an early lunch at the Embassy Suites Hotel.

Scenery on the way to lunch
Albuquerque city
Embassy suites hotel
Big Lunch…delicious

After lunch we were entertained by the Ballet En Fuego Latin Dance Review. Francis Lujan’s Troupe.

Learning to play the castanets!
Francis Lujan
Dancers and different costumes
So colorful
Young girls, they start dance lessons at 3 years old.
Dancing with castanets

It was great to see some of the dances from old Mexico all the way to New Mexico.

We departed at 1:30 pm for the Pueblo Cultural center which is owned and operated by the 19 tribes of New Mexico. There is a museum, live dancing and of course authentic Native American wares for sale.

The 2 warriors who fought for America
Native dancing
Beautiful costumes
Both men and women dance
4th set of dancers
Painting on a wall

We left the museum around 4PM for the RV park. The the rest of the day and evening nothing was planned. It was great to chill outside watching football and having a adult beverage.

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