Dawn Patrol show

10/5 The morning started with the Dawn Patrol, this is where a few balloons lift off into the predawn to greet the sun as it climbs over the Sandia’s. Unfortunately only a couple of these balloons went up this am. The fog was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. So that meant no mass Ascension this morning.

Around 4:30pm I headed over to the Hospitality tent for social time. They had snacks and drinks. 5PM was dinner time, tonight it was a bake potato bar and brisket sandwiches. For dessert there was a cake, which was celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.


After dinner we went to the RV and got ready to go to the balloon festival. Unfortunately the America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race was called off for the day, the weather was not cooperative. This race is about how far the gas balloon can go and sometimes it could be days.

Admission ticket

We arrived just as they were starting the Twilight Twinkle Glow.

The mountain turns pink in the sunlight
Balloons everywhere!!
I’m so excited to be here…. 😛
Special shaped balloon
My Dad was a photographer so this is for him.
Phillips 66
So beautiful

It started to get dark so the balloons started glowing…… such beauty.

This one just makes me smile.
Lion king???
There are about 100 special shaped balloons
They lit up all at once… incredible

There was a laser light show, where 4 persons parachuted down in the dark. While they drifting down they shot off colored sparks.

Next and final “Afterglow” Fireworks Show

It truly was worth the wait. So happy to be here.

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