7 am Mass Ascension

10/7 OMG 5am comes early….lol. This morning it was dark and cold, 45 degrees. We dressed in layers, something we haven’t done in quite awhile. I did remember a hat but I forgot gloves. At 6am we took the shuttle bus to the balloon field. Some of the balloons were already inflating and the field was filling up.

Just starting
Dawn patrol
These balloons test the winds
Just before the field
Coffee before the Mass Ascension
National Anthem
Starting the inflating
Right in front of us!!
And their off
American flag balloon
One of my favorites
Up,up and away
Would you like a ride in my beautiful balloon?
May the force be with you!
Can I see your license?
Only you can prevent Forest fires!
On there way!!

We got back to the RV and finished watching the balloons going over or landing at the end of our row.

Since I got up so early I laid down for awhile. We were going to meet another couple to play golf. Well it ended up that I felt awful, i was so cold, I was shivering. David I’m glad went off to play golf.

At 4 pm we made our way over to the Hospitality tent. There was a Mariachi band that played for about an hour.

Mariachi band

At 5 pm dinner was served and tonight was enchiladas, taco bar and all the fixings. Sopas with honey was dessert.

Yummmy getting our share of Mexican food!!

We were going to the balloon festival to see the gas balloons launch. These balloons are entered in the America’s Challenge Gas Balloon Race. It is a distance race so the balloons can often go for 2-3 days. The pilots sleep in 2 hour shifts. Very exciting!!

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