Santa Fe

10/8 Well again this morning I woke up to suspended dew drops. Really enjoying having my coffee with the site of balloons.

They’re here
Up among the clouds
Breath Taking

Now it’s time to get ready for our day trip to Santa Fe. It takes about 1 hour so enjoy my pictures along the way!

We arrived in Santa Fe and the 1st of the activities was to visit The Loretto chapel.

Front of chapel

The tree has rosaries hanging from the branches.?? In hope that your prayers are heard by God and your wish comes true.

Hanging Rosaries
The Altar
Statue of Jesus
Famous Miraculous Stairway

Right next to the Chapel was the trolleys, they are going to give us an overview of the city. The tour lasted about an hour. The city is loaded with all types of art. Because I was riding I only had a chance to get sculptures outside.

Made up of scrap metal
Alot of blankets
Sculpture on roof
Modern sculpture
Home with balcony
Store front
St. Francis of Assis
Colorful pillars
Another  church
State Flag
Indian sculptures

We walked around the Plaza for about an hour. Then we went to La Fonda for lunch, again they out did them selves!! We went to another church.

The Cathedral
1st Indian Saint
Baptismal Font

Flowers around the Plaza

David and I headed back to the buses. We had one last stop before heading back to the campground. A stop at Journey’s End Monument.

Journey ‘s End
Covered wagon

Another great day!!!

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