AM Flight of the Nations

10/9 We left early this morning for the balloon field to see the mass Ascension. Today is the Flight of the Nations. Another gorgeous morning!!

Channel 4 weatherman Steve Stucker
National Anthem
Papa Smurf
Hearts and Cupid
Starting Mass Ascension
Look up
You have my heart…
Angry Pippi longstocking
Wonder Bread??
Low flying today

Got back about 9:30 am at the RV Park. Had a bite to eat, starting to pick up. Getting ready to leave on Friday. The rest of the day is ours till 4 pm social hour in the Hospitality tent. Relaxing and maybe a nap…lol

4 pm social hour in the Hospitality tent. Tonight they had appetizers and usual drinks. For the Chuckwagon dinner it was bar-b-que and delicious!! There was ribs, chicken and brisket along with cole slaw, potatoes and creamed corn. Cookies and coffee for dessert.

Since it was Country and Western night we dressed a little western…


The entertainment was great!! It was Syd Masters and The Swing Riders.

Incredible musicians!!

Only one more day here it has been a dream of ours for a long time. We now can cross it off our bucket list.

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