Down day!!

10/10 Well we did get up at 5:30 am to go to the balloon field but at 6 am the dawn Patrol inflated and almost immediately deflated. The wind was blowing about 30 mph, so the balloons were inflated but none of them ascended.

About 8 am I was already fading and so being retired I went back to bed. David was wide awake. So kept an eye on the TV incase the balloons would go up later.

We just hang out in the RV. I cleaned and got it ready to travel in the morning. At 4:30 pm was our last gathering in the Hospitality tent for dinner. Dinner was delicious with parmesan crusted chicken, green beans and mashed potatoes with gravy. Dessert was raspberry chocolate brownies. Winnebago gave us our group picture, and went over disbanding tomorrow. We ate our brownies back at the RV with some fresh coffee.

Our 3 sets of hosts!! Thank you for a great time!!

There is not going to be any glow this evening at the balloon field. There is still going to be fireworks but it is very windy and cold. The temperature is 64 degrees but add in the wind factor and it’s even colder. So we will watch the fireworks from the RV.

From our RV

So for now we will enjoy our last night with coffee, a brownie and the Patriots game. Life is good!!

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