Petrified Forest National Park

10/13 Petrified Forest National Park was a pre historic rainforest at one time. Over 225 million years ago the landscape was abundant with vegetation. There were dinosaurs, reptiles, and even 180 feet conifers

Over 200 million years continents moved, regions uplifted, climate changed, plants and animals were all buried by layers of sediment. Wind and water molded and sculptured the layers of rocks.

What is Petrified Wood? It is the name given to types of fossils. Petrifaction is the results of trees and plant turning into stones by mineralization process.

Teepee on top
Amusing myself till we get to the National Park.
Neverending highway
Petrified Rock
A closer look, see the quartz?
Crystal or Jasper Forest
Jasper Forest
Blue Mesa
Blue Mesa Ridge
A selfie with beautiful background
Beautiful formations
Scenic overlook
Route 66 use to run through the National Park
Artifact of route 66
Painted Desert overview

It was a great day!! We even got to use our Senior National Park Pass!! Touring the park is 28 mile and the average speed is 35 mph. There are areas you can stop, get out and take pictures. There is also loops around some of the formations. Some even have hiking trails, so wear sturdy hiking shoes or boots. It is definitely worth doing some of the off the trail investigation.

Sunset tonight, a Hunters moon

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