Getting settled

10/16 We were so lucky, Monday we arrived but we don’t have to start till Wednesday. On Tuesday we went riding around town trying to get a sense of the city. We ended up going grocery shopping and picking up a few things we needed for the RV. After we got home and put groceries away we went through some booklets that had coupons and info about Lake Havasu City. I found a bar….so off we go! We got a flight of beer, that they brew right there. Of course I ordered chicken wings, they were great, crispy on the outside and juicy inside.  Yummmy!!

Great beer and chicken wings!

I’m really fascinated with the cactus. It’s so unusual and beautiful.

Today we got a more detailed tour around the park. Amazing there was probably another dozen RVs that came into the park. So we started our housekeeping position, cleaning the recreation center and the office. After work we went and set up a p.o. box number for mail, then laundry time and finally lunch.

There rest of the day I folded laundry and chilled. Since this is a short writing I thought I would give you some ways to save money on the road.

1. Stay in primitive parks. Parks with hook ups cost more, going with out electricity cost less.

2. Shop for a deal. Get a directory that list prices and if you’re a senior citizen ask about discounts.

3. Limit power consumption. Use it only when you need it.

4. Off the path. Try parks a few miles off the highway but remember not to far or your spending gas money.

5. Ask about working in exchange for a site.

If you like these tips let me know and I will continue to write them. I also will give you some of our mishaps…lol.

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