3 days on the job

10/17 Today was a light housekeeping day. We went around and did the bathrooms, showers and the public laundry room. I got to work on my blog website. I’m still trying to get the subscibe button on my site and connecting my website with G Suite. G suite connects to emails. I also need to add in my email addresses. I was just hoping I would have the G email set up 1st. Grrrrrr

Well I did take a break from it all and went for a swim. An adult beverage was just the right thing too!

One of the two pools here at the resort

Not much time working on my blog site today. Oh well….

We got up early to start early in case the temperature got hot. Today was a full cleaning day which means cleaning the floors, outside showers, office, wiping off outdoor furniture and sweeping the patio.

1 of the patios, West side and the 2nd one opens Nov 1st. East side
Couple of grills for gatherings
1 of 2 pool tables
Poker and game tables….fun!
Hubby hard at work, mopping the floor.

Today we went looking for RV tire covers. We decided to order them instead and save about $40 dollars. Hmmm.

Then we treated ourselves and got subs for lunch. The rest of the afternoon we relaxed, watch TV and maybe took a little nap. David got up sooner then me. When it came to supper he surprised me by having made macaroni salad!!! Yummmy!! Hamburgers with extra sharp cheese too!!! Great dinner!! Thanks Pizzaman!!

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