Adventures and tips!

10/20 Yesterday we worked here at the resort then we decided to see what it was like for doordashing. We only did it for 3 and a half hours. Ah it was ok not great but ok. Will try again on Monday. After dashing we went and tried a local bar. Blondies bar and grill. Good beer on tap and great shredded beef nachos. Then we had chicken fajitas those too were good.

Watching Yankees vs Astro game! Go Astros!

Earlier while driving around we saw this piano.

Yes it can be played.

Our boss invited us to an Sunday afternoon concert where her husband plays the baritone sax. It was really enjoyable and then after the concert we went for a drink and appetizer with them at Mud sharks. A great time!!!

The Lake
Havasu Symphonic Winds
The LHSW and Bill playing Baritone sax
Bill on baritone sax

More tips to save money on the road.

1. Choose the road less traveled. Camp in off season or in less popular areas.

2. Ask for discounts especially if you are doing an extended vacation.

3. Limit the use of amenities. It might cost you extra for tv or internet. Pay for what really need.

4. Camp under trees, use window shades and use your awning. This will use your AC less and keep you in budget.

5. Use public campgrounds or state parks they cost far less than private campgrounds or resorts.

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