Odds and ends

10/22 Sunday was a quiet day. We worked in the morning then had a leisurely lunch.

The day before we were invited to attend a community concert. The manager’s husband was playing in the orchestra.

The Lake Havasu City Symphonic Wind
Bill plays the Baritone Sax

The four of us went to Mud Sharks after the concert for a drink and appetizer. A great time for all!

Starting our 2nd job Doordashing

We decided that since we had the opportunity to pick up some ” fun” money, we would. We Doordash, which is delivering food. It’s a fun way to make a little extra money.

Tuesday was our do everything at work day. We still finished by noon. Had a bite to eat and then hubby surprised me by taking me to Downton Abbey. I love going to the movies and of course popcorn. We took a little detour to the pharmacy for allergy meds. While we were near we decided to go over the London Bridge not just once but twice…

London Bridge toward California
Ok back to Arizona

Now back home getting ready for dinner and watching the World Series.

FYI Tips

1. Getting ready to travel. Make 2 check list, 1 for the inside and 1 for the outside. You do 1 list and the other person does the other list. When you are done switch list and do the check list again.

2. If traveling full time, you might find it easier to pay all you bill’s on line. Most banks are even full service on line.

3. You can join clubs like KOA or Good Sam they will save you about 10% off your campground site.

4. If you want to join others while traveling try a RV club, they are both on state and National levels. There is also caravans you can join through specific RV travel agent.

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