Flying to New Hampshire

10/24 I’m flying out tomorrow for my younger sons 40th Birthday! Unfortunately the closest airport is in Las Vegas and the hotel Rio is pet friendly, so Peanut has now officially been to Las Vegas too!

Just before we left David showed me this pretty neat welcome to Lake Havasu City. There is a waterfall to the left and a statue in the middle. We also saw some “people” dressed for Halloween.

Waterfall on left
Statue in the middle⅕
Halloween people

Heading out to Las Vegas, for the night. In the morning I’m going to New Hampshire for my younger sons’ birthday party!

On our way
The big mountains fascinate me
Well Hello California!
The Mountains are the color of dark chocolate
Unique tourist center
Going down the road jig – a – jig…
Las Vegas Baby!!
Different buildings
Metal statues along the highway
Excalibur hotel
Caesars Palace
Leaving Las Vegas at Sunrise from the plane
Geographically amazement
In the clouds….heavenly
Coming into Chicago

I learned today that years ago farms were 40 acre square lots. That’s why from the sky they looks so perfect.

Farm land
Highway clover
Among the clouds
Coming into Manchester NH
For my husband a golf course… lol 😁

My day continued to just keep getting better. Family time, dinner and great conversation.