Adam’s Birthday weekend

10/24 Seth picked me up and I went to his house. For supper we had homemade macaroni and cheese, best I ever have had!!!! He also grilled a couple of rib eyes. …. yummmy!! We stayed up and talk for awhile. I’m still on mountain time cause I didn’t fall asleep till 1 am.

The next morning I hung out with the grandkids and when Seth got home I went to visit my Mom. On the way through Chester, New Hampshire I took some pictures of the Halloween people.

I missed the foliage in New England, so I took a few pictures of the trees.

Fire red!!

My grandsons all have new hairstyles… 😊

Very slight blue tint
Light blue

10/26 This morning I was lucky to go to Nolan’s play off game. Yeah!! They won!

Playing right field

Got back to Seth’s house and had a bite to eat. Now to enjoy a mid afternoon cocktail a bloody Mary. Delicious!

Bloody Mary

Getting ready for Adam’s Halloween Birthday bash!

Dr.Evil and mini me!

Let the party begin…….. yeah !! Adam’s 40th Halloween Birthday Bash!!

The Vikings have arrived!
Queen Laura there’s a witch following you
King Adam Birthday Boy!!
Nick you pesky Bear
Tom?? Your joking…. πŸ˜‚
Warming up
Glo in the dark beer pong
Debbie, Adam’s Godmother
Watching Birthday pictures
Happy Birthday to you!!!
OMG Trump and the Queen!
The Mexican
Bob Ross and tree
??? Best Couple???
Best male costume
9 week old entertaining everyone!!!

It was a great party thanks to Laura who did an outstanding job!!!! Thank you!!