Oh boy, back to work!

10/30 I guess I was tired, I slept till 9:30! I’m usually up and working by 9. Had my coffee then off to work at 10 am. We finished about 1:30 pm. Whew busy day! Feels great to be home and back to our routine.

Saw the East club house it was sparkling clean and the Halloween tree was up. 🎃

That night we went back to the East club house to set up the machine and tables for bingo on Thursday. David having done bingo for a few years I must say he was wonderful!

10/31 Happy Halloween everyone!! Usual day at work scrubbing toilets…lol. After work we went an doordash for some extra cash. Fun Money. Quiet evening….

FYI – Let’s talk about dumping. 1st invest in good equipment. The thickness of the sewer hose will stand up better to the waste and last longer in the weather. Another piece is a clear elbow piece so you can actually see the waste. Why?? With the elbow you can tell when you’re finished dumping the waste.

Let’s put this in order. 1. Let about 30 seconds of grey water go down the sewer hose. This way if a connection isn’t tight you aren’t in waste, clean up, next it’s a good way to see if you have any leaks.

2. Dump your black water tank. Rinse several times with clear water, get the last of the toilet paper out of the tank, it also helps clean the sensors that let you know how full your tanks are. If your hooked to water let your water run. If your at a dump station usually they have a water hose for this. Don’t forget to close your valve.

3. Dump your grey water. Close your valve. If you camping and hooked up to sewage then your good. If your at a dumping station then rinse your sewer hose out. Disconnect and put away your equipment.

Don’t keep valves open when connected this will leave toilet paper behind in tank and this will cause clogging. That is why you should use only toilet paper made for RV toilet tanks. Please, please, please wear rubber gloves, you don’t want to pick up any strange bugs (bacteria).