Short and Sweet…

11/1 I can’t believe it is November already! We did our usual cleaning and then doordash in the afternoon. This weeks extra money went to maintenance of the car. We had a bald tire so we went and checked out the cost of a new tire. Monday it looks like it will be put on.

While cleaning on the East side of the resort, the pool and spa just looked so inviting. The temperature just didn’t get up too hot…..oh there is tomorrow when the weather is going to be 85 degrees.

Missed the ice cream and cake on Saturday.  So sunday after we cleaned on Sunday we went to the ice cream social!!! Look at the prices!!!!

Well on November 9th there will be a craft and rig sales this means you can sell anything you want to get rid of, or if you craft you can sell your goods. I’m in!!

Working 2 jobs and crafting has kept me and my husband David pretty busy. Our plans are looking forward to going to the Hoover Dam later this month. Have a great day and catch up with you in a couple of days!!!