Happy and having fun!

11/8 I took the day off and was so lucky. My wonderful husband did all our cleaning responsibilities which allowed me to do the craft fair. It was fun, a lot of lookers and slow sales. I did get to meet alot of people from the resort. The talent and crafts were awesome.

1st fair of the season, owl tree!

My table with a few crochet items
Embroidered Christmas items
Decorative bowls
Embroidered note cards

Sunday we worked our 2 jobs and I’m sure this is boring to most but it gives us a chance to talk. Who would have known that I’m still learning a few things about my hubby that I didn’t know before… lol.

In our travels today we saw a beautiful sunset and the start of Christmas decorations. It does seem a little funny to have it 80 degrees and rocks instead of snow, oh well.

We are entering a golf cart decoration contest in December. I think I’ll make a few Christmas wreaths for the next craft fair.

Christmas lights…

I think this year we will do a little Christmas decorations but AFTER Thanksgiving. I like to enjoy one holiday at a time. What do you think? Do we rush the seasons?