Everyday life…

Speaking of beautiful, here in Arizona you don’t see alot of flowers.

Yellow trumpets
Orange Trumpets
Pretty Pink

Arizona hasn’t had any rain in about 8 months and now they are predicting 1 – 2 inches over the next 2-3 days. There has even been flood warnings in low areas or places near the lake. The wind has picked up and we have put all our chairs and rug away. We are also getting the RV ready to go to a dealer to have the awning replaced.

Sky getting a little darker
You can see the rain coming down in the distance.
Contrast in how the sky looks, front and back.

Oh dear… we needed a new tire just from everyday wear when BANG! We picked up a nail so now we need a matching pair of sneakers!

Did I mention that while we are getting new tires, our RV is having a awning replaced. There were pin holes near where it was connected to the reel. Thank goodness it was still under warranty!

The sky is such a mixture today of light and dark.


The clouds fascinate me so light and fluffy.

So beautiful
Clouds over the mountains

Well they couldn’t finish the awning, the wind was blowing too much. So I couldn’t resist taking pictures on the way home.

Our home….