Playing around…

We finally got the awning done and they also fixed the front right decal on the RV. All that is left to do is fix the drivers captains chair. The dealership ordered the part and it should be done in the next month. So we have now settled in again.

We had nothing planned other than maybe doing some doordash or postmates for a few hours. So the sky and clouds were so fascinating. Oh well playing around town.

Lake Havasu
Clouds meeting the mountains
Clark Kent is in Havasu!!
Fascinating landscape.
Unusual cactus
A house set into the mountain

While sitting around I noticed how beautiful the clouds were so through the front window I took some pictures.

Sun through the clouds
Shining rays
Birds eating grass seeds
Bird watching

While we were doordashing it started raining and poof!! a double rainbow! It was so beautiful, the bottom one was 180 degrees and the one on top faded in and out.

So exciting!