Everyday life

Sometimes life goes on pause, that is what we have done for a couple of days. Sleeping in a little later, putting around the RV and doing some crafting.

Saw my first road runner, exciting but too fast for me to get a picture. I did however see a couple of other different birds.

Sitting on my window
Quail (L) and morning doves (R)
Lap cover I crochet
Making a pot roast!! Yummmy!!

Getting ready for Thanksgiving, I’m suppose to bring vegetables, so carrots, parsnips, butternut squash and peas. There is about 125 – 150 people going. Two sitting, 1st. at 1pm and the 2nd sitting at 4pm.

There are many lawn sculptures in Lake Havasu City.

They made of metal.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I am thankful for my wonderful family…. and that is just to start the list!