Thanksgiving Day!

I would like to start off my blog by wishing a Happy Birthday day to my smart, cute and very funny grandson Sebastian. He is now 7 years old!!

Love this face!!!!

Thanksgiving has always been so much fun for me. Growing up and even now the day goes like: big breakfast, Macy’s day Parade then Thanksgiving dinner in afternoon.

Big breakfast… yummmy!
Macy’s day parade
The Rockettes
Marching bands

And all good things must come to an end …. 3 hours of parade!!!

Santa is coming to town.
Ho ho ho ❤

So maybe it will be a football game or maybe a nap before this afternoon’s Thanksgiving dinner. Hmmm which one?

Ok it was a nap….zzzzzzz

Time to get ready to go over to the club house.

Tables were decorated beautifully
Thanksgiving table
Hubby ❤
People at our table

We left just in time, the rain is coming this way!

Rain and lightening coming

Finishing the night by watching Disney’s Magical Holiday Celebration!!

Totally awesome!
Magic Kingdom

A thankful day……..